10 Backyard Vegetable Garden Ideas and Tips

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Its getting time to put your vegetables in the garden and maybe you're a seasoned green thumb or maybe you're a beginner either way I think you'll like these 10 backyard vegetable garden ideas and tips that I've come up with. Gardening is a great skill to have whether you're a prepper or not so Preppers Unlimited encourages you to get your trowel out and your seeds in the ground. So lets get into the 10 backyard vegetable garden ideas and tips.

Don't Like Dirty Vegetables?

This tip is pretty simple. If you don't like all the dirt and grime on your vegetables add a layer of mulch on top of  the soil. This will keep your veggies clean and at the same time keep a lot of weeds out. You can use different colors of mulch to get a custom touch. Try and look for mulches without any pesticides and herbicides because you don't want that stuff leeching into your vegetables.

Does your Vegetable Garden Have an Insect Problem?

If you're worried about insects in your garden plant some garlic or onions around in different locations to help repel them. Garlic and onions are also great in many meals together so consider planting a couple garlic plants and onions in a group to harvest all at once when they are ripe.

Getting Worms to Your Backyard Vegetable Garden

attracting earthworms

Worms are very beneficial to your vegetable garden and you'll need them to keep your soil and plants healthy. A common mistake to get worms into your vegetable garden is to go out and buy them. The problem that occurs with this is that the worms will often leave because the soil isn't as nutrient rich as they're used to. So you have to put in a little bit more effort than that. Start by prepping a small area 3x3 ft till that area and get all the soil good and mixed then add in some compost and till that in as well. After that you'll want to plant some sort of cover crop like clover. When your cover crop has matured work it back into the soil and wait, before too long you'll have plenty of worms in that little area. Then just take small chunks of worm rich soil and use that on your vegetable garden. Be sure to add soil to replace the worm rich soil in your worm farm.

Re-purpose Those Kitchen Scraps

don't throw it grow it

Don't throw it grow it by Deborah Peterson

This is a pretty cool vegetable garden idea to not only cut back on waste in the kitchen but to start your vegetable garden on the cheap! If you've got some lettuce, bok choy, or cabbage that you're thinking about tossing DON'T! You can actually just put the leftover leaves into a small dish of water and mist the leaves just a couple times a week and you'll have roots and new leaves growing in no time. Then just take your lettuce, bok choy or cabbage and transplant them into your veggie garden. Potatoes are another great one you simply cut around the eyes (little dimples) let them dry over night and place them in some soil with the eye face up. This will take a few weeks before you'll actually see results but it should work. There are plenty more veggies you can grow from kitchen scraps just check out diyncrafts.com.

Got Dirt Under Your Nails?

Here's another dirt related tip. If you're tired of getting dirt under your fingernails when you're out in your vegetable garden try rubbing your nails on a bar of soap. This will seal the underneath part of your nails and allow you to work in the garden without having to worry about all the dirt under your nails. When you're finished just wash off and your hands will be squeaky clean.

Get Rid Of Aphids

Here's a cool backyard vegetable garden idea I found on hgtv.com. I personally hate aphids but there are a couple of things you can try to get rid of the evil pests. First try blasting them with a hose this is likely going to knock them off. If that doesn't work you can always try using tape wrapped around your hand with the sticky side out and just pick them off with that. Look for them on the underneath side of leaves they really like to hide out there.

Boost Calcium Levels in Your Garden

This tip for vegetable gardens is pretty nice if you go through a lot of eggs. Instead of throwing all the eggshells out in the dump throw them in a blender! Grind up the eggshells into a powder and sprinkle the powder around your garden to give your vegetables a nice boost in calcium.

Don't Have a Backyard Vegetable Garden?

If you live in an apartment or have a balcony try using some of those rubbermaid totes with about ten holes drilled in the bottom for a good sized planting container. I've found 5 gallon buckets work great for peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes as well. You can also use shallow containers for smaller plants like lettuce and green onions.

Small Space Vegetable Gardening

square foot gardening

All new square foot gardening by Mel Bartholomew

Don't have a lot of space in your backyard try making some raised beds and doing some square foot gardening. You would be surprised at how much you can grow in just a couple of square feet. You can also try vertical gardening with beans and other vegetables that like to grow vines.

​Learn to be the Best Vegetable Gardener

The last tip I have is to learn! Grab a book or two get some tools and gain the knowledge but most importantly  get out their and garden. You'll never become a master green thumb without any experience so get out there and do it, learn from your mistakes and have fun.

Hope these 10 backyard vegetable ideas and tips help you to get the most out of your vegetable garden this year. Let us know what tips and ideas you have we would love to hear about them. Don't forget to check out the rest of our articles on the blog.