3 Tips for Your Doomsday Emergency Food Supply

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With the world seeming to change more and more everyday a doomsday like event could seem probable. Not being prepared for what happens, you and your family could be left without even the bare essentials to survive.

If you haven't already done so I recommend starting an emergency food supply. I'm going to help you out by sharing my 3 tips for your doomsday emergency food supply.

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Setting up a Plan for Your Emergency Stockpile

doomsday food supply plan

Having a good plan in place is always important when going forth with a new idea. Making your doomsday food supply is no different and you should decide on one that will work well for you and your family.

One thing you'll want to do first is set a budget plan for your emergency food stockpile. You can set up as a weekly, monthly or even yearly just make sure it works for you.

Another thing you'll want to keep in mind is the shelf life of your food; you need to keep well organized and flowing on and off your shelves in a systematic way. The best way I've found is to go with the first in first out rule. This simply means that first food items you buy or the first ones to go bad are the first to be consumed.

This will eliminate food spoilage and waste which in turn will save you money when making your doomsday emergency food supply. You can keep track of all the foods you take in by making a list on paper or on your computer.

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Stocking Your Doomsday Emergency Food Supply

emergency food shopping

In my experience the best way to start your doomsday food stockpile is to just stock up while you shop. You can do this on a budget fairly easily by simply grabbing a few extra items you already buy while at the grocery store.

I recommend buying canned food as they have a long shelf life and are pretty easy to organize. You can buy canned meats, veggies and fruits and it's a good idea to have a variety of all three in your emergency food supply.

Nobody likes eating the same thing over and over so buy foods your family likes and keep a good variety on hand. Look for sales on items you have in mind and stock up on them when you find them at a good price to help keep things under budget.

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Products to Help With Your Food Supply

doomsday food supply canning

Food storage products can be found in abundance these days and it makes it really easy to get started. If you're looking for foods with really long shelf lives they make loads of options.

You can buy simple dehydrated meals found at wal-mart. There are also prepacked food storage buckets which contain about a months worth of food.

You can also buy the buckets and other items needed to package your own emergency food storage buckets.

One product I really like are the canned food rotation systems like you see in grocery stores. They allow you to fill up a bin in the order of expiration date and pull them out as you need them. They are a great way to keep your doomsday emergency food supply organized.

You could also invest in some canning supplies and can your own goods to use for your food supply.

Making your own doomsday emergency food supply doesn't have to be hard in fact it's easy and can also be fun. Just a little recap make sure to stock up on long shelf life foods, pick foods your family will eat, remember first in first out and look into some products to help you out. Hopefully these 3 tips will help you make your own doomsday emergency food supply. Thanks for reading and check back for more articles coming soon.