5 Best EDC Items

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You may be one of the people who already have their EDC (Everyday Carry) figured out and squared away but if you aren’t or are trying to find more justifiable options to carry we will go over some of the best EDC items in this article. Regardless of job or gender there is a way to integrate items that will benefit you in everyday life. How you do it will probably be up to you because we all have different jobs with different dress codes and options but it is still doable. We will look at some practical and most commonly applicable items to carry.

Best EDC Items #1: Pocket Knife

best EDC items

A pocket knife can have a lot of uses regardless of your profession. Even in office work you may have to open packages or letters and may cut some type of strapping around items so a pocket knife is a utilitarian tool. The same principle applies to trades and farm and ranch work also. Every rancher I have ever known has carried a pocket knife of some sort. The great thing about an EDC knife is that it can be personalized to your style and what kind of uses you will need it for. It is one of those gear items that is just fun to find the right one for you. The other side of a pocket knife is that it can be used as a defensive weapon if needed. It probably won’t have the same capacity for inflicting damage as a larger fixed blade but the point is to stop an attack and get away. This translates to men and women both. As of right now I’m on my own quest to find my perfect EDC knife (I will keep you informed) because once you find a knife that you like and is functional you will be more likely to carry it. If you think a knife will be too bulky look at the fact most farmers and ranchers carry small Old Timer pocket knives and are completely happy with them. Growing up I probably carried 15 different knives while my Grandfather carried the same Old Timer Minuteman every day. While I don’t share his philosophy of carrying such a small knife it is proof that even a small knife can be the best EDC knife for someone. Some of my current EDC knives are the CRKT Moxie, Spyderco Paramilitary 2, and a Kershaw Leek. I enjoy them all and they are functional and have never had an issue and are all reasonably priced for what you get.

Best EDC Items #2: Pen

best edc items

This may seem like a silly item on the list of best EDC items since it’s so simple common but I am guessing you don’t have to think very hard to a time where you needed a pen and didn’t have one. That may happen more often than any of these other items in typical day to day life. The way to look at this from more of a prepping mindset is choosing a pen that can also be defensive. This may seem silly but in the type of world that we live in it is always a good idea to have some sort of plan to defend yourself. There are tactical pens that have pointed end that is designed solely for striking while the other end unscrews to have an actual functioning pen. These are nice because they are designed to be held and used in a defensive manner. You do not need one of these though because a simple stainless steel bodied pen is capable to be used for striking with the point out and can work effectively. It is a simple but very useful tool to have.

Best EDC Items #3: Flashlight

best edc items

When you see flashlight you may be thinking a big Mag-Lite but for EDC I am referring to a pocket sized flashlight. Most have a clip on them to allow you to easily store or carry them on your person if you have pockets. With new bulb technology that keeps being introduced you can have a very bright light in a small package. Most have an LED bulb and will be very bright while giving decent battery life. I think this is an important feature to look for because most lights labeled as “tactical” will have very short battery run times. It is definitely worth looking at when selecting your light. There are different lengths of these lights and the one I carry is the typical pen light so it is as long as a pen and a little rounder. I never notice it in my pocket and doesn’t cause any hindrances at all and is very handy when working on things and you need a light.

Best EDC Items #4: Small Multi-Tool

best edc items

A small multi-tool is an item you may not realize how great it is until you begin to carry one. Whether you work in an office and your stapler jams or work in a trade a multi-tool will always have a use. They have a lot of utilitarian use besides just being prepared for something to come up. Most smaller multi-tools have pliers, a small knife blade, flat/Phillips screwdriver, some type of small file and maybe a set of scissors. Larger multi-tools can have more uses so depending on your everyday tasks a larger one might suit you better but for most general use a small one with the right tool set will be sufficient. Leatherman, Gerber, and Hoffman Richter make good sensible multi-tools that are small and compact but have the essential items. I singled out small multi-tools because they may reach a wider variety of people but if you can a larger multi-tool is great for giving you even more capability.

Best EDC Items #5: Phone

best edc items

This is easily the most common EDC item nowadays because most people have cell phones and have it on them or around them at all times. The problem is a lot of people do not take one when they are going places that they may need help in getting out of. People very often get stranded or lost in environments and do not have any way to reach someone. Granted some of these places will not have enough signal but most common places you will. If there is an emergency you need a way to call for medical or law enforcement having a cell phone can be the difference in life and death. With winter coming having a cell phone on you while traveling is very important in case you get stranded off the road and need to be rescued. The main accessory you may want is a portable cell phone charger. A lot of people have been SOL because they had their phone but the battery was dead. Portable charging devices are now small and light and can save you if a bad situation should arise. If you are like me and sometimes you just want to get away from technology all together and do not want to be disturbed buy a simple Tracfone and put some minutes on it and take that with you as you go off the grid, this way you can call for emergency help (if there is a signal) just in case yet won’t be disturbed by anyone unless you hand out the number. Like I said it is a common thing but it can be very important in a bad situation.

Best EDC Items: Conclusion

This was just five options that I consider to be the most practical for the largest group of people. A firearm is a fantastic idea if you can integrate it into your EDC but I understand some places do not allow this and some people do not feel comfortable doing this and I do not recommend carrying a firearm unless you are confident and comfortable with it. Overall these items will be a great help to almost everyone in their day to day routine and may make things easier once you learn how to best implement them. I may make a more specific list for prepping for those of you who really enjoy being prepared for a wider variety of incidents at all times. Hopefully this is a simple practical EDC list everyone can understand and implement to be a little more prepared even for the basic tasks. Thanks for reading and check back for more content.