5 Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Supplies You Need

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No matter how much money you’ve spent on a particular brand of gun it will need maintenance and preventative care. You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and never check the fluids just because it’s worth that much doesn’t mean it won’t need proper care, the same goes for your firearms. This is a truth across the spectrum from a little single shot .22LR up to your AR’s and bigger guns. With this being said I will give you the 5 best Hoppe’s gun cleaning supplies you will need to keep your firearms running great.

Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Supplies #1: Hoppe’s BoreSnake

Hoppe's Gun Cleaning supplies

The Hoppe’s BoreSnake is a great invention and can pretty much cut down your cleaning time significantly especially when done on a regular basis. With the ease of actually using one of these there shouldn’t be a reason you don’t keep up with it. It takes away having to use a rod and patches because you simply drop the pull cord down through the barrel and pull the snake through. It fits perfectly through your barrel and does not miss things like a patch can. The BoreSnake comes with a small bronze scrubbing brush that passes through first dislodging any thicker debris and is picked up and carried out by the rest of the material. You can simply add your solvent or cleaner to the BoreSnake and it will work just like a patch in that regard. The BoreSnake comes in most calibers and gauges for rifles, pistols, and shotguns. This is probably the biggest time saver you will get when cleaning your gun and they are affordable so I highly recommend you pick some up for your most popular weapons.

Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Supplies #2: Hoppe’s BoreSnake Venom Gun Cleaner

hoppe's gun cleaning supplies

This gun cleaner is great in addition to the BoreSnake. It stays on the Boresnake so it cleans very well and is supposed to work in just one pass. I personally always run it through again because it isn’t like it takes a long time. This works just like other solvent cleaners but is designed to stick a little better to the material of the BoreSnake. It does a good job of helping to break up the carbon on the inside of the barrel and minimize passes through the bore. It is affordable and effective and worth it to keep crud from building up inside your bore.

Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Supplies #3: Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil with T3

hoppe's gun cleaning supplies

After you clean your barrel and you need to oil everything down use Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil with T3. The T3 is basically a formula to ensure the best anti-friction oil you can get. It contains both molybdenum and PTFE (which is Teflon®) and both are a type of dry lubricant. It really does work amazing in keeping and protecting your firearm. Having such a good formula to reduce friction can really help keep the wear down on your weapon. The more you protect these high wear spots the longer your firearm will last. Having good quality gun oil like this makes it easy. It leaves a very thin layer of protection from corrosion from carbon, or copper that can induce a lot of wear pretty quickly when it is allowed to accumulate. Using it keeps your weapon cleaner longer and I really like how it keeps my barrels from getting deposits in the first place making cleaner easier and easier.

Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Supplies #4: Hoppe’s Synthetic Blend Lubricating Oil

hoppe's gun cleaning supplies

For as long as I’ve been shooting I’ve been using Hoppe’s lubricating oil and have never been disappointed. This is their synthetic version and has high viscosity which allows it to last a very long time in its ability to keep lubricating your firearm. It also has a moisture blocking effect which is helpful in keeping parts of your weapon from getting water on them and beginning to rust. Every time before I go shooting with an AR I like to spray a little bit of this on the bolt just to keep it lubricated so my AR won’t be ran with a dry bolt. What I like about the aerosol version is the straw that attaches to it so I can be very precise with where I am spraying the lubricant. Like I said it works great for an AR-15 bolt. They do make a precision spout bottle of this but I like to have more on hand than that size of bottle. The main lubricating ingredient in this is molybdenum which acts as a dry lube putting a very thin film to keep friction down.

Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Supplies #5: Hoppe’s Silicone Gun and Reel Cloth

hoppe's gun cleaning supplies

This is the last item I recommend you get and it’s also the last in the order I would use these items. This is simply a flannel cloth that has been pre-treated with silicone lubricant so as you wipe it the silicone is left behind as a dry lubricant and protects the finish. I like using it after I am completely done cleaning the gun and will rub it over all the places where my hands might have left any kind of oils that may oxidize the material. It is a great and easy way to wipe down a weapon before storing it also because the silicone will help to protect it. Simply wipe down the barrel and any other parts that might have a lot hand traffic to keep the metal or wood protected. They are cheap and keep working for quite awhile with repetitive use. If you have carbon steel knives I also recommend wiping them down with this if they are not for food preparation.

Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Supplies: Conclusion

hoppe's gun cleaning supplies

As you can see this company makes some great products and if you’ve ever gone looking for something to clean your weapon you’ve probably came across their products. They do offer kits and other items and variations of oils, solvents, and lubricants but these are the five I recommend to keep your gun functioning with minimum wear and corrosion. The other nice thing is that all of these items will fit nicely into a range bag or duffel bag to take with you while you go shooting either at a range or if you are able to go out to the country to shoot. If you’re anything like me it’s a lot easier to just go ahead and clean your weapon right after use than take it home and worry about it then. All of these products make this possible and a very quick process which will make it a good habit to do after shooting. I also recommend that if you take smaller bottles like the gun oil and a small bottle of lubricating oil that you put them in a simple zip-loc bag to prevent spilling or accidental leakage into your range bag. Overall for a pretty cheap set up you will be able to give the care your firearm deserves so it will perform should you ever need it to. Thanks for reading and check back for more content.