Best Electronic Coyote Call

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It’s finally that time of year again when you start to switch your hunting focus from prey to predators, and the most common is the coyote. If you already have years of experience or are just gearing up for your first attempt at hunting this wily animal you need a reliable call to make sure you are successful. Mouth calls are great but some can freeze up in the cold and the sound is emitted from your exact position making you the target. This leaves the electronic call option on the table. In this article we will go over the best electronic coyote call for a variety of budgets.

Best Electronic Coyote Call: $40-$70

best electronic coyote call

This price range is on the lowest end of options for an electronic coyote call but this does not mean you will be disappointed but it will lose some features of more expensive models, just remember mouth calls have worked forever these just add convenience. In this price range I recommend the Cass Creek Nomad Predator Electronic Game Call. This is the smallest and most compact model I will be covering but that is a plus. It uses recorded sounds and reproduces them to make them sound very authentic. This model does come with a remote so you can place it up to 100 feet away and still be able to use the call via the remote. It uses a jack rabbit, cottontail, and fawn distress calls as well as coyote pup yips and a traditional coyote howl. This is the most limited number of options in all the electronic calls we will go over but I consider it to have the essentials and be adequate. It runs off of four AAA batteries that they supply. An honorable mention in this category that is worth a look is the ICOtec GC101XL compact electronic call. It is a very small package and is a great option in the same price range.

Best Electronic Coyote Call: $70-$100

best electronic coyote call

This is the price range I would recommend looking for the best balance of features to value. In my mind the call to get is the ICOtec GC300. This is the call I purchased earlier this fall to see how it stacked up to more expensive models (which we will cover) and I couldn’t be happier. The main reasons I love this is the simplicity, which is great for beginners to electronic calls, and the quality of sound. It is run buy a small remote with a range of up to 300 yards and does not need line of sight to operate. It uses jack rabbit, cottontail, coyote pup, fawn, woodpecker, crow, raccoon pup, and gray fox distress calls as well as male and female coyote vocalizations and an adult bobcat vocalization. This gives you a lot of options in case the coyotes in the areas you hunt are used to common distress calls. Remember coyotes are difficult to hunt because they are very smart but are curious. With this call you can really set it up a long distance away from your shooter’s hide so a coyote will have less of chance of zeroing in on your position or circling directly behind you. It does have an external speaker jack if you want to add an additional speaker to call blast for longer ranges. Once you push of the button of the selected call the audio will go through the file and pause for 30 seconds and begin again. This helps make the calling sound more urgent. The call itself runs off of 4 AA batteries and the remote runs off of a single 12 volt battery. This call runs around $80-$90 dollars so it is a great buy for its capabilities.

Best Electronic Coyote Call: $110+

best electronic coyote call

This is the last category that will be covered and in the land of the best electronic coyote calls this is a huge expanse of options. My thinking behind this selection is based on what I know works and the fact I don’t believe you need to spend over $300 and up to $500 dollars on a coyote calling system. My recommendation for the higher end coyote call is the FOXPRO Inferno. As I mentioned in the land of expensive electronic calls this one is mild at a touch under $200 but it has all the features I believe you need for a higher end call. It comes programmed with 75 sounds but you are able to download up to 200 onto it and a very well laid out remote. Once you have this many sounds on your caller unless it is programmed efficiently and has a user friendly remote it is very difficult to use it effectively but the FOXPRO Inferno delivers in those regards. It is the most complex of all the calls mentioned but its capabilities allow you to make some very realistic sound scenarios and combinations which can be fun as you learn to mimic nature and this translates into successful calling. It has an auxiliary jack to allow you to attach a FOXPRO decoy to make it even more realistic as well as a spot to add additional speakers to make it even louder. It is of the best quality and will do everything you need it to. It runs off of 4 AA batteries but is still a light package at around 1.5 pounds with them installed. If you have the extra cash this call is definitely worth it.

Best Electronic Coyote Call: Conclusion

best electronic coyote call

Overall I hope you got some good ideas in some directions and calls to be able to get and know they will perform. The key is to actually get out there and get some field time in with these regardless of your choice. Try to think of how things in nature work and it will make your call blasts sound more realistic and natural. In terms of accessories you can get decoys to help entice a coyote when he comes in and spots movement. I use the Mojo Outdoors Critter Decoy. The movement it provides also helps to distract the coyote in case you need to make slight movements to be able to make the shot. My only forewarning for this decoy is that in tall grass it will be difficult to see and as it whips around it can catch on grass and bind up. As I keep reiterating the key is getting comfortable with the call and what works and these calls will be definite wins for you. Thanks for reading and check out some of our other articles.