Bug Out Vehicle Contents You Need to Have

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In previous posts we have gone over some of the best bug out vehicles and what it takes to make your bug out vehicle bug out worthy, but what about the contents inside your bug out vehicle? Like we stated in the post "What is a Survival Kit" a bug out vehicle is considered to be a Tier 4 survival kit, and like all survival kits they should aide you in surviving. Let's take a look at some essential items that you need to have in your bug out vehicle to get you out of dodge when SHTF.

Contents Your Bug Out Vehicle Needs for Fuel

justrite 5 gallon gas can

Justrite makes great gas and diesel cans they're strong, durable and great for your BOV

Perhaps one of the most important contents of a bug out vehicle is fuel and fuel additives. If you're BOV doesn't have any fuel in it your dead in the water. You should always keep extra fuel of whatever your bug out vehicle uses inside the vehicle. If you drive the vehicle regularly just fill up the tank from your reserves and refill the your fuel cans. This will insure that you have fresh fuel if you ever need it. Alternatively you should use fuel additives in your reserves if you don't use your BOV on a normal basis. Star Tron and Sea Foam both make great additives for fuel. Sea Foam will work on pretty much anything you can even add it to oil and diesel. It will stabilize the fuel clean the system and a lot more. If you go the Star Tron route you need to make sure that you buy the diesel formula if you're running diesel and the gasoline formula if you're using gasoline. They will stabilize your fuel for up to two years and can help in old fuels as well. You should keep a few cans of this handy in your bug out vehicle. In addition to this you need some way of storing your fuel so get enough fuel cans to get you by if you run out. With that said you should always keep the main tank on your bug out vehicle full, this will keep you prepared for when you need to bug out. Something else you can keep in your BOV is a fuel filter if you have the proper tools and know how to change them out this can keep your vehicle going. It's also a good idea to keep a siphon pump around in case you run out of fuel and find some either in an abandoned car or some fuel tank that you aren't able to dispense from. Obviously don't steal the fuel but if you're in a bug out type situation and you need some fuel this is a sure way to get some.

Bug Out Vehicle Contents You Need Concerning Oil

Stanley mechanics tool set

Stanley makes some great mechanics tool sets at an affordable price. Get one and keep it in you bug out vehicle in case you need it.

Oil is another very important part in keeping your bug out vehicle running, oil helps keep your engine running smoothly by keeping everything lubricated. Vehicles can go several thousand miles before they need an oil change so it might not be the first thing you think of when prepping your BOV, but you never know when you'll have to bug out. You may have a situation come about when you're 2,000 miles away from an oil change or 50 miles. This is why you should keep the tools and materials needed to perform an oil change on the road. First I recommend getting a nice floor jack, they can be a bit pricey but are well worth it if you have the space. You'll be able to perform many types of repairs and maintenance duties on your bug out vehicle with one. You should also pick up a mechanics tool set that contains a lot of the items needed to do these repairs and duties. Then make sure you get several quarts of oil that your BOV requires, you can pick these up in individual quart size jugs, gallon jugs or some places you can even find 5 gallon buckets. I think a 2-3 gallon jugs would be a good amount for most people but it depends on how much oil your vehicle requires to be filled up and how much it burns during operation. To make things easier when doing oil changes you'll want to pick up a funnel or even a couple in case you need them for other fluid changes such as transmission, coolant, brake etc.

Repair Items to have in Your Bug Out Vehicle

stanley fat max jump starter

I have one of these in my vehicle and it works great I love how it has a built in air compressor.

While bugging out in your BOV you might have to make a few repairs, hopefully not but you should prepare to do so anyways. Like I mentioned above it's a good idea to carry some basic tools like a ratchet, sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, a couple types of pliers and some allen wrenches. When you get a set of these you should also make sure you have a good selection of both SAE sockets and wrenches as well as metric sizes. One thing I always keep in my vehicle is a pair of jumper cables or one of those jump starters. I always seem to need them whether its my vehicle that needs a jump or someone else. If you're getting jumper cables try and get a fairly long set, because there are cases where you can't get the batteries of both vehicles right next to each other. I keep a Stanley Fat Max jump starter in my vehicle it's a great tool for giving some extra juice to a battery and also comes with an air compressor. Flat tires are likely going to be a big issue when you're bugging out so you should definitely keep a spare on hand for your bug out vehicle, and don't go with the cheap doughnut either get the same tire you normally use. You should also keep a small tire repair kit in your BOV complete with patches, plugs, glue and tire pressure gauge. These are great to keep a punctured tire going for quite awhile. Another good item to have for your bug out vehicle is a can of Fix a Flat if you have a small puncture you can use this to quickly get back on the road until you can make a more permanent repair.

Other Essentials Items for Your Bug Out Vehicle

cb radio

Uniden makes this affordable CB radio that makes a great addition to any bug out vehicle

After you've gotten the basic essentials in your bug out vehicle its time to start looking for extras to make your BOV even more effective. If you're like me and you live somewhere that it snows quite often during the winter then you may want to think about getting some chains for your tires. If you're driving on snow packed roads the chains around the tires will help to give you plenty of traction. During a bug out scenario you're going to want some way of communicating, buy yourself a descent CB radio on Amazon. These can be very helpful when you're needing to communicate with others to find resources, shelter, and to know what threats are out there. When you're driving your bug out vehicle you're likely going to be off road at times which leaves you prone to getting stuck whether it's in the snow or the mud, you're gonna need a tow strap or rope and a winch. These are not only great for getting your own bug out vehicle out of trouble but also any other unfortunate people who might be willing to compensate you for your help. Power inverters are used a lot by campers and outdoors men and are a great item to have in your BOV. Power inverters work by converting the DC power from your battery into AC power than can run your electronics. They come in various sizes and prices depending upon what you're looking to power up. Lastly I recommend keeping a seat belt cutter/window breaker in your bug out vehicle if you're in a  roll over being able to get out of your vehicle could mean the difference between life or death. Life Hammer makes a couple of different kinds I personally prefer the Life Hammer Plus over the Original and Evolution models. They all have the seat belt cutter and window breaker but the Plus model is more ergonomic than the Original, and the Evolution is pretty sweet but I don't like the idea of a spring loaded hammer. In my opinion the spring is just another thing that could fail where as with the Original or the Plus it is just a glass breaking tip.

These are some of contents that I believe you should have in your bug out vehicle, I'm sure there are plenty more items that you can come up with, if you don't see something that you think would be good to have feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading I hope this helped you guys out and be sure to check out our new shop, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and check out our YouTube channel. Check back soon for more articles coming to the blog weekly.


"Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst"

  • Having extra fuel and the additive for preservation is a good reminder for everyone. In a world where popular media portrays the people on The Walking Dead using gas several years later with no problems it’s a good reminder.

    • Yeah I was thinking the same thing about The Walking Dead as wrote this. It isn’t likely that the gas would still be any good without being treated.