Christmas Gifts for Preppers

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With the holidays approaching and Black Friday coming up quick you have probably already started to consider getting your loved ones and close friends some gifts. If he or she is a prepper this may be more difficult because a squared away prepper has almost all they need. In this article we will go over some things you can never have enough of as well as some items they might not have to give the best Christmas gifts for preppers.

Christmas Gifts for Preppers #1: Storage Containers

christmas gifts for preppers

This is one that your prepper may already have a lot of but this is also one that is very difficult to have too many of. One quality storage container is an ammo box. If you’ve read some other articles you know I am a big advocate of them because of all their utilitarian uses. With a good seal they are extremely water resistant as well as possessing anti-EMP capabilities should you store electronics in them. Another type of storage container that is great is a smaller plastic version of the ammo can. It has a gasket inside to give it some water resistant properties and is cheaper and lighter and very convenient for storing smaller items or smaller amounts of ammunition. The next type of storage container to look at is a dry box. A dry box can come in various sizes making some of the smaller ones great options to make into mini survival kits. These options are all great and don’t worry if you’re not sure what they’ll use them for any prepper will find a good use for a quality storage container.

Christmas Gifts for Preppers #2: Survival Books

christmas gifts for preppers

They say knowledge is power and when preparing for disasters it’s impossible to know too many skills or tricks. There are a lot of great books out there to teach everything from wilderness survival to urban prepping making a lot of valuable information accessible. Bush Craft 101 by Dave Canterbury is a great one to learn some ways to survive with minimal resources or how to make those necessary resources. Another good one is The Ultimate Survival Manual by OutdoorLife it offers 333 skills to help you survive different situations with different types of resources available. If the prepper in your life is rock solid on one aspect there will be a book in another they probably aren’t perfect in to help teach them some good tips.

Christmas Gifts for Preppers #3: Clothing

christmas gifts for preppers

Yes there is the dread of getting clothes for Christmas but if you select the right type you will see smiles instead of disappointment. Good quality clothing made for specific types of abuse will be an asset to any prepper. Tactical pants are always good because most have well thought out pocket placement and are of good quality if you look at reputable companies. 5.11 makes a large variety of good tactical pants as well as the kind I’m a fan of (cheaper but good quality) CQR. Different styles of undershirts are also great to add as a base layer. The one I like is the Nike Pro Combat Tank top version because it keeps my core warm without being tight under the arms like the sleeved versions tend to feel. A combat shirt is also a nice bit of clothing for a prepper because it allows good movement while keeping you warm without getting too hot. It also has pockets to have some things on you at all times. Look into good quality coats from companies such as Carhartt and The North Face are a couple of companies that make well made and very warm coats. Don’t forget to look into some type of gloves whether they are winter gloves or just regular use ones so that you have the capability to protect your hands from cuts or getting scraped up. Mechanix makes good quality gloves at reasonable prices. The last article of clothing you might want to look at is some type of boots. Saloman is a great company that makes high quality boots and trail shoes. They are not cheap but they have amazing quality and hold up to a lot of abuse. Columbia also makes some good hiking type boots with good support and traction and are usually a little cheaper than Salomans.

Christmas Gifts for Preppers #4: Emergency Shelters

christmas gifts for preppers

With all the new items on the market you have a lot of different directions to go here. You can go with something like SOL’s Escape Bivvy that comes in OD green and is basically a cool weather capable sleeping bag that weighs less than 10 ounces. This is a great design and something any prepper could easily add to their bug out bag to have a quick shelter ready to go. Another option is an emergency survival shelter tent made of Mylar by Survival Shack. It too is very lightweight (just under 6 ounces) and is able to handle two adults inside of it. It isn’t the greatest shelter in the world but in terms of ease of use both of these options make it simple to set up and use to survive. SOL also makes and emergency shelter kit with cordage, a canvas material for cover, and stakes to hold it down. It also comes with a small guide to help with setting up your shelter in an intelligent manner. It weighs in at less than 7 ounces so once again it is easy to stow in your pack and can be beneficial for traveling or when you need to set up a shelter in a hurry.

Christmas Gifts for Preppers #5: Blades

christmas gifts for preppers

Most preppers out there are big fans of different types of blades whether they are knives, hatchets or machetes. I will go over some of the best options for each of those for your prepper that he or she will love. First let’s go over a great prepping/survival knife. The Schrade Extreme Survival Knife model number SCHF9 is a fantastic option because of the great design and affordability. It has a 6.4” 1095 carbon steel blade that has a nice coating on it to help minimize corrosion. It is a nice heavy knife capable of chopping tasks as well as a nice drop point blade shape for cutting effectively as well. It has TPE handle scales (which are basically a type of polymer and rubber blended together) and offers great traction in hand to avoid slipping. For the choice of a great hatchet you should take a good look at the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet. It is 3cr13mov stainless steel with a good coating to help the stainless steel with further corrosion resistance and has a great ergonomic rubber handle to help you hold onto it when chopping. In my experience it also helps take quite a bit of the shock out of each hit as well. At only 13” long it is compact and easily portable. The back of the hatchet has crosshatching to use the back as a hammer head for driving stakes or nails easily. The last blade I will cover is a machete made by Ka-Bar and is their black cutlass machete. It has the classic Ka-bar Kraton grip which provides excellent traction and 11” blade made of 1085 carbon steel. The carbon steel will allow a very sharp edge and good wear resistance. There are other affordable options but for a quality made machete this is a great option with a great company reputation.

Christmas Gifts for Preppers: Conclusion

Now these are just a few ideas for that prepper in your life. I went with items that whether they are just starting to prep or have been for awhile would appreciate. There is an endless amount of options and if these specific ones do not match what you’d like they will at least get you steered in the right direction for picking something out they’ll love. I encourage you to go to our website Shop tab and look through there because it is a collection of items we really like and selecting anything out of there would be a great bet as well. Thanks for reading and comment if you have any questions on gifts to get your prepper.