Core 15 Keymod Scout Review

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Recently I began looking for a new affordable AR-15 to fit my conceived use for up to two-hundred yards. Researching led me to find the Core 15 Keymod Scout. It had everything I was looking for in a base rifle.

Core 15 Keymod Scout Specs

As the name entails the Core 15 Keymod Scout has a 12.5” flat top keymod rail. It gives you all the accessibility you need because you can add rail sections on the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. The flat top has laser engraved t-marks running the entire length of the rail. Everything on the weapon is mil-spec, including the buffer tube in case you decide to swap out the stock at some point. It comes with the traditional A-2 flash hider and has what they call a heavy 16” mid length barrel with a 1/7 twist to stabilize a wide variety of ammunition. The barrel has a black nitride finish to help protect it. It has a mid length gas system that makes the shooting smoother and easier to stay on target. The bolt carrier group is M16 chrome lined and the bolt is staked to mil-spec specifications. The trigger I would say is very adequate. There is not a lot of slack or slop in the trigger take up and you can feel the tension build just before it fires making it easy to know when you are going to fire. The buffer tube is mil-spec so you know what type of stock to get should you decide to replace it. Another cool feature is the pictograms to indicate when the weapon is on safe or fire. Weighing in at 6 pounds 5 ounces unloaded it was just the light rifle I wanted to try.

Core 15 Keymod Scout Testing

First of all I added some backup iron sights and went out to test the rifle. After sighting in the buis at 50 yards it was time to check groupings. And right off the bat I was amazed at the accuracy. I used four different ammunitions PPU 55 grain fmj, PPU 62 grain hollow points, PMC 55 grain fmj, and Independence 55 grain fmj. I shot three shot groups using all of these and with all but the independence ammunition had 1 moa groups at 50 yards with the buis with the occasional flyer. I know some of those were on me or perhaps the wind. It is worth noting not all my groups were touching and probably ranged from 1.5” and 1” groups. Taking this information and knowing my abilities to shoot this is a very accurate rifle and can outshoot me for accuracy even after having added a quality red dot sight.

Core 15 Keymod Scout Reliability

Core 15 Keymod Scout Reliability

50 Yard 3 shot group with back up iron sights.

Now that we discussed how accurate it is we can discuss cycling. After the accuracy I decided to have some fun with this gun and check the cycling. I loaded up a thirty round magazine and a twenty round magazine and heated the gun up. It cycled perfectly and was a blast till I had to crawl into cedar trees to find the brass. The heavier barrel kept my rounds on target after I finished my rapid fire cycling test. The gun ejects great and did not have a malfunction. After this test I have shot steel case ammunition and it cycled just fine as well. The mid length gas system works perfectly with a 16” barrel especially when it’s done right as it is in the Core 15 Keymod Scout.

I have been continually impressed with this rifle. As with all AR platforms it is tempting to go in and change all sorts of components but after shooting this I just can’t justify it. I am thinking about adding an optic to test it out beyond 200 yards. It is a great weapon and comes out of the box lightweight and very capable. Speaking of the box it comes in a nice hard plastic case with good foam lining inside to keep the gun safe and secure as you carry it. It also comes with one polymer magazine and mine came with one with a great HexMag but may come with a different brand according to their website and other reviews.

Overall the Core 15 Keymod Scout is a great rifle and has great accuracy and great reliability thus far. Sure you can change everything out because the platform allows it but you do not need to. Simply get a good flashlight and backup iron sights and you are ready to rock a great home defense and cqb rifle. Check them out and look at all their options. A side note is that the ammunition they are producing has also been shot through both this rifle and one of my bolt guns and is very very accurate. Check that out as well and it is slightly more affordable than some of the big name companies. If you have any specific questions regarding any part of the rifle or the testing let me know by commenting. Thanks for reading and check back for more content.