Emergency Water Storage Tanks

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When it comes to prepping, water is clearly one of the most important things you need. The thing about water is it can be harder to store than say freeze dried meals or canned goods because you can’t concentrate water down. The best options are FDA approved containers that will hold your water and not leach the container’s chemicals into your stored drinking water. In this article we will go over some of the best emergency water storage tanks and the best place to purchase them.

Emergency Water Storage Tanks: Water Storage Bags

emergency water storage tanks

First we will cover the type of container that is meant more for your survival pack or bug out bag. A water storage bag is a great option because they can hold more water once filled than a water bottle but when empty take up almost no space making it very easy to transport and not take up unnecessary room in your pack. A great option is the two gallon water storage bag because that is enough to sustain two people for a day if you are moving without having to suffer from dehydration. It is made of a strong PVC material to prevent tearing and a carry handle makes it easier to transport as well. Once again this is on the small side of emergency water storage tanks but it is important to go over in case you are in the market for something to put in your bag just in case you should need it.

Emergency Water Storage Tanks: Five Gallon Water Storage Tank

emergency water storage tanks

A five gallon water storage tank is the most common type of emergency water storage tank you see. The reason you need to look closely at a container made specifically for water storage is due to the chemicals from the container leaching into your water supply. These five gallon containers are made of an FDA approved polymer to stop this from happening. Five gallon containers are nice because they are still fairly compact, this particular one is 10”x11”x14” and you can stack them four high so it is a space saver if you have the above space to keep stacking them up instead of outward. These are great affordable options for anyone preparing from anything from the storm season that is approaching or doomsday scenarios. These basic five gallon water tanks are also quite affordable when considered they are a water safe container.

Emergency Water Storage Tanks: WaterBrick

emergency water storage tanks

A WaterBrick is a tough polymer container designed to be stackable as well as portable as they come with a carry handle on them. They are made of HDPE plastic that is BPA free making it a great vessel for long term storage of water. They are designed with raised ridges that lock into each other when stacked on top of each other to make sure they stay organized and avoid slipping off one another. They come in a 3.5 gallon size making it still manageable to move when necessary and to stack them. With dimensions at 9”x18”x6” they are very compact so it is easy to keep one or two in your vehicle as well as your residence. They are also made to be durable dry containers as well that you could store ammunition in or food products. They are very versatile and tough making them a great option for water storage or dry supply organization.

Emergency Water Storage Tanks: 55 Gallon Drum

emergency water storage tanks

The last container I will cover is the FDA approved 55 gallon water drum. This is the best option if you have the space and want to keep a large supply of water in one convenient container. The polymer used to make these drums will not leach any sort of chemicals into your water to cause contamination for long duration storage. It is 23”x23”x34” making it still fairly compact for the amount of water it can store. The larger container offers the benefit of a fill and forget situation as you will not need to worry about adding to the water cache with multiple containers to be equivalent to the one large one. If space allows it this is a great way to store water for this reason. The downside is portability of the unit. Once filled it will be very heavy and difficult to transport whereas the smaller tanks are able to be carried much easier. You’ll just need to see what situation suits you the best and whether portability is an issue for you.

Emergency Water Storage Tanks: Accessories and Conclusion

emergency water storage tanks

Finally we come to the accessories that can be very important in helping you to maximize water storage. The first item is a water preserver. While this may seem silly, water over time while sitting in a container can begin to grow bacteria or some other types of pathogens such as viruses. This will eliminate it from happening with an EPA approved preservative to keep the integrity of your water while it is being stored for an emergency. It will take your stored water’s shelf life from six months to five years making this incredibly useful especially with the aforementioned fifty five gallon water drums. The other accessory that will be important for the larger containers is a siphon kit to allow you to pump out the water in that large of a vessel. This is extremely beneficial so you do not waste water while trying to dump water out or risk tipping it over and losing water. Overall if you are going to go down the path of emergency water storage make sure to take a look at these vessels or ones similar and pay attention to the materials used to construct it so you do not have a tank of chemicals when you need to drink it. All of these will serve you well in different scenarios and different available spaces. If you want more information on how to better manage water use in the home or see what kind of contaminants are out there to your water supply check out the EPA's website. Thank you for reading and check back for more content.