Escape and Evasion Tips: Noise, Light and Litter Discipline

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As preppers during an escape and evasion scenario there are three disciplines that you need to know and practice to make your escape a success. This escape and evasion tip will focus on noise, light and litter discipline during an escape and evasion situation but can also apply to a bug out scenario or other tactical movements where remaining low key is crucial. So lets get right into it starting first with noise discipline, moving to light discipline then litter discipline.

Escape and Evasion Tips for Noise Discipline

noise discipline

Obviously if you're in a escape and evasion or bug out scenario where stealth is key you're going to want to limit any noise you make. So first make sure you have any ring tones or alarms on phones or watches shutoff. Having a phone during a bug out might be beneficial in some circumstances but during an escape and evasion situation you're gonna want to ditch it anyways because it could be tracked or bugged and do you more harm than good. You'll also want to do a gear check, if you have a pack put it on and jump up and down a few times. If you hear anything rattling in side the pack you'll want to take care of that right away. Velcro is something a lot of people love, but if you're trying to remain quite it can be a killer. Try finding gear that uses snaps, zippers or bungees instead. A couple ways you can limit the noise of items like carabineers or other metallic objects is to wrap them in electrical tape, duct-tape (preferably black or earth toned) or ACE bandages. If you have a pack with MOLLE webbing make sure any gear you attach to it isn't loose. You want to make sure everything is nice and snug so it isn't bouncing around as much and causing excess noise. Another thing regarding your pack is to make sure that any straps are taped up so that you don't have any tails hanging off that could snag on branches. One of the best ways to reduce sound while moving is to just move slowly. When you see a lion stalking an antelope it isn't rushing up and pouncing, it slowly moves into position. Adding to that, when you're walking through an area with lots of dead leaves and sticks another escape and evasion tip you can employ is covering your boots with socks. This will not only help to muffle the sound you make as you walk but will also help to distort the tracks you leave.

Escape and Evasion Tips for Light Discipline

light discipline

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There are a lot of things to consider when implementing light discipline so its crucial that you take the time to think about what could reduce your light signature. First off like with the carabineers or other metal items that might cause a glint during the day you'll want to tape those up to remove that glare. You can also use a sharpie to reduce the glare somewhat. On things like knives or other tools go ahead and spray paint them a dark color this will help to reduce that glare as well. When you're using a scoped rifle or binoculars get some caps for those because when you're using items like that they can give off a pretty nasty glare that will give away your position. Never smoke. Not only is smoking bad for you but the smell can carry a good distance giving you away, the ember can be seen at night pretty easily and it adds to the litter you'll need to dispose of. As far as flashlights go use them as little as possible, when you do need to use them try and avoid actual white light and get a filter usually red and green are good choices. These will not only help preserve your night vision but they aren't as likely to be seen. When you do use a light drape something over your head like a coat, blanket or poncho to help filter the light even more. Another thing to consider is a flash hider if you're going to have a weapon there are lots of them to choose from and they'll help to diminish the flash from firing your weapon.

Escape and Evasion Tips for Litter Discipline

litter discipline

When it comes to litter discipline in a escape and evasion or bug out scenario your main goal is to leave as little trace that you were in that area. This can be as simple or as in depth as you want to make it. You can do simple things like picking up or burying any trash. You may feel like it isn't that big of a deal but an expert tracker can find out a good deal about some one just by leaving a few things behind. To dispose of bodily wastes you'll want to bag those up or piss in a bottle so that it becomes even harder for trackers and dogs to stay on your trail. You can also go a little more in depth and say that the tracks you leave while walking are litter and try to cover those the best you can. The most important thing with litter discipline is to leave the area the same way you found it and you'll be doing just fine.

So this pretty much raps up this escape and evasion tips article. Just remember to practice these tips on noise, light and litter discipline and employ them on any tactical movements you're involved in. Thanks for reading and remember to check back soon for more articles on Preppers Unlimited.