Escape and Evasion Tips

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From time to time you might find yourself in a sticky situation in the post-apocalyptic world. Escape and evasion maybe your only choice in some instances. Hopefully you're never put into a situation where you would have to employ any of these tips I'm about to tell you, but just in case lets cover them anyways.


Distance to escape

This is going to be the first step in your escape and evade process, putting distance between you and your captors is vital and must be done quickly and effectively. Essentially what you want to do is run for your life as fast as you can, but there is a little bit more to it than just that. You want to run in a direction you know will be safe or where you can eventually find safety. Pacing your self is also a great idea because you don't wont to be so tired that you can't carry on. With that said you still want to make good time and get out of dodge so to speak.

Cover Your Trail

Cover tracks in an escape

Covering your trail while trying to escape and evade is of high importance also because if you have some persistent pursuers you want to make sure they can't follow you or at least make it harder for them in hopes of slowing them down. To do this you want to cover any footprints you can whenever possible. Another thing to consider is any waste you leave behind, be sure to bury any trash bodily wastes. Fires are a bit of a controversy when it comes to this sort of thing as they are obviously quite visible but if you decide you need one take caution and be sure to make it as low key as possible. You'll also want to erase any traces of the fire by burying it as well.

​Blend In with your Environment

blend in

Another escape and evasion tip is to blend in with your environment. Use any camouflage available if you have the time consider making an improvised ghillie suit. You can do this by attaching the natural foliage like grass and tree branches to your clothing. Doing this will help to break up the natural outline of your body. Make use of mud and dirt by rubbing it on your skin this will further add to your over all ability to blend in with your environment and help in your escape and evasion process. The next thing I would recommend is to be sure to cover or dispose of any reflective surfaces. Surfaces like these can ruin your escape no matter how sneaky you are. My last tip on blending in is to be aware of your surroundings pay attention to the birds and animals around you as they will often alert you of danger coming.

Throw off your Captors

Escape through stream

 Escape and evade scenarios are essentially a game of cat and mouse and it's always great to try and throw that cat for a loop when being chased. When doing this you buy yourself some time as well as slow down the opposition. One well known tactic to do this is by doubling back. To do this you throw off the track team by making a U-turn towards them but out of there line of sight. Another way is to use streams or water crossings whenever possible the reason for this is that is very hard for even experienced trackers to track a person through water. Also effective is to walk on rocks or hard ground so that you leave as little of a footprint behind as possible.

Put these tips into your bag of tricks so if you do find yourself in a escape and evade situation you'll be able to turn the tables on your pursuers and come out on top. Thanks for reading and be sure to comment and check out the rest of our posts on the blog.