First Aid Blog Series

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Just recently I attended a first aid and CPR class for work and decided that I would do a series of blog posts about what I had learned. I had taken a first aid and CPR class in school, but my card had expired so it was time to take another class; which to me was no big deal, because I found that the first one was very interesting and the second one turned out the to be the same. So first off I am definitely going to recommend that you find a class to get into I’m not sure what the fees are if there are any at all. I know my first one was paid through my tuition at school and the second was free through work. Like I said though they are great classes to take and you’ll have just another tool in your bag of skills to help you if a situation were to arise.

In this series of blogs that I’m going to be posting I figured I’d go ahead and break it down into several categories like so:

  • Environmental Hazards
environmental hazards
  • Open Wounds
first aid wounds
  • Animal Bites
first aid animal bites
  • Anaphylaxis
anaphylaxis first aid

I think it’ll be best to break this up because it would be way to much information to cover in just one blog post. Also this way I’ll go more into depth in each of these categories. CPR will be a whole other blog series, but I might go back and forth between the two so you get a little bit of first aid maybe one week and then some information on CPR the next. That’s all I’ve got for now so thanks for reading and I’ll be back with another post soon.