Gerber Prodigy Knife Review

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gerber prodigy

High quality steel, ergonomic handle, MOLLE compatible kydex sheath. Gerber seems to have knocked it out of the park with their Prodigy survival type knife. This is a great knife for anyone looking to get high use out of a knife in the field.

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7.4 oz

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U.S. 420 HC Steel


When it comes to finding a good survival knife there are a lot of options. Gerber has made it's way into the mix with the Prodigy I believe. The lengthy list of features that Gerber brings to the table with the Prodigy allows for a knife you can carry with confidence into the field.


   U.S. 420 HC Steel Blade


   Ergonomic TacHide Handle

   Spike Pommel

   Kydex Sheath

   MOLLE Compatible

   Lanyard Hole

The Gerber Prodigy knife is possibly one of the best prepper knives on the market. We recently put up a post going over some of the best EDC folding knives and I thought it would be a good idea to cover a great fixed blade knife as well. While the Gerber Prodigy knife might not be the best EDC knife due to its size it is definitely a great survival, hunting or bushcraft knife. The Gerber Prodigy is the descendant of the LMF II which was also designed by Jeff Freeman of Gerber. This knife has great reviews on both Amazon and Gerber's website and offers great features making it one of the best prepper knives out there.  The Gerber Prodigy knife has an overall length of 9.75 inches and has a full tang, so its a pretty beefy knife and allows you to gather firewood and clean game pretty easily. It has a great blade, handle and sheath so let's see what all the Gerber Prodigy knife has to offer in this review.

Gerber Prodigy Blade Review

Gerber Prodigy Blade

The blade of the Gerber Prodigy comes in two forms tanto style and a drop point style I'll be covering the drop point style because it is the one that I own. The blade measures 4.75 inches and is made of U.S 420 high carbon steel. This allows the blade to take a good edge and retain it fairly well but due to the high carbon content in the blade is also susceptible to corrosion problems. The Gerber Prodigy counters this problem however by giving the blade a black ceramic coating. This ceramic coating also cuts down on your visual signature by reducing glare. The blade also has about 1.75 inches of serrations which I personally don't mind but I know a lot of people would like to see the knife without it. Which I can understand and I'm not entirely sure why they don't offer this knife without the serration, nonetheless the Gerber Prodigy has a great blade. It comes very sharp and takes an edge quite well. I took it out for somewhat of a test drive not long ago and used it to baton some wood and it held up great, it has a thick spine and a little weight to it which helps it excel in this area. I can also see people being able to use the Gerber Prodigy knife for skinning and cleaning small and large game making it great for hunters too.

Gerber Prodigy Handle Review

Gerber Prodigy Handle

The handle of the Gerber Prodigy like the blade style also comes in to forms black, and coyote tan. Both look great I chose to get the coyote tan which is normally a little pricier than the black but I found it for the same price and decided to get it. The Prodigy has a great handle that fits the hand really well no matter how you hold it. The handle also offers great grip in any weather conditions because of the over-molded rubber they use on it. It has a little texture to it as well from the little bumps across it but I feel like those will wear away over time, I could be wrong though. The Gerber Prodigy also features a spike pommel that can be used to strike an opponent or break glass and a hole is made for a lanyard option as well.

Gerber Prodigy Sheath Review

Gerber Prodigy Sheath

Another great feature of this great bushcraft knife is the sheath. It has sort of a rubber coating on the outside. The sheath of the Gerber Prodigy is durable and able to take a beating for sure. It has five straps holding it to the hard sheath to the nylon backing. I didn't like the bottom strap as it didn't allow me to completely remove the hard sheath from the nylon backing so I cut it off and melted the ends. This allows me to better use MOLLE capabilities of the Prodigy's sheath. You're able to attach the knife multiple ways I had it on my bug out bag for awhile attached with paracord. You can also carry the Gerber Prodigy both vertical and horizontally on a belt and it comes with an extra strap to carry the knife on your leg. The blade retention is great but Gerber makes it super easy to take out with the thumb lock which helps hold the blade in but also allows you to gain leverage when unsheathing the knife. Overall I love the options that the Gerber Prodigy sheath gives you.

Variations of The Gerber Prodigy



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Straight Blade Coyote Tan

gerber prodigy

Straight Blade Black

black gerber prodigy

Tanto Blade  OD Green & Camo Sheath

tanto gerber prodigy

While this might not be the ideal choice for the best EDC knife the Gerber Prodigy does make a great knife for bushcraft, survival and hunting. I would highly recommend this knife to anyone looking for a good solid all around knife to take out into the woods. Hopefully this article gives you some information about the Gerber Prodigy and helps you make your choice for finding one of the best prepper knives on the market. Let us know if you have any question by emailing us or leaving them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and check back soon for more articles and reviews from