Ka-Bar Dozier Review

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Ka-Bar Dozier best edc folding knife

Designed by the renowned knife maker Bob Dozier himself. The Ka-Bar Dozier bears his ingenuity and craftsmanship while being a highly affordable production knife.

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2.5 oz

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The Ka-Bar Dozier is a lightweight pocket knife that makes for a great everyday carry. With a reversible belt clip and thumb stud this knife is sure to fit anyone's preferences. An Aus 8 Stainless Steel blade makes it easy to sharpen while still maintaining an edge through moderate use.


Lightweight Zytel Handle

Aus 8 SS Blade

Reversible Belt Clip

Reversible Thumb Stud

   Lanyard Hole

In this article we are going to be reviewing the Ka-Bar Dozier folding knife. We put up an article before talking about the best EDC folding knives and the Ka-Bar Dozier was one of them so I wanted to go ahead and review it on its own now. First off I have to say that this really is a great knife for everyday carry and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an EDC folding knife. The Ka-Bar Dozier was designed by Bob Dozier; he began making knives as a boy and has been hand making custom knives for over 50 years. His knives are so popular that if you look on his website you'll see anywhere from a six month to three year backlog. I think the Ka-Bar Dozier is one of the best EDC folding knives you can buy for three main reasons. Number one it's affordable I picked mine up on Amazon for around $20. The next reason I really like the Dozier knife is that it is extremely light weight coming in at about 2.5 oz overall. Finally it's just a well made knife its durable, cuts well and can be resharpened with ease.

Ka-Bar Dozier Blade

Ka-Bar Dozier Blade

Lets start here by reviewing the Ka-Bar Dozier blade. It measures right at three inches long and is made of AUS 8 stainless steel. It came razor sharp right out of the box which is always nice in fact I was able to shave a little hair off my arm with it. The Ka-Bar Dozier has some nice jimping on the spice giving it some nice grip if you need to do any kind of detailed work. Although they could be extended out further onto the spine as the jimping is only about half an inch long. The spine measures about 0.12 inches thick while I wouldn't use it to baton wood with its durable and will hold up well as an EDC folding knife. The blade has a hollow grind and is a hunter style with no serrations and the edge is set at about twenty degrees. The thumb stud is slightly textured which gives you good grip when opening the Dozier and you're also able to take it off and move it to the other side of the blade if you need to as well.

Kab-Bar Dozier Handle

Ka-Bar Dozier Handle

Now lets turn our focus over to the handle of the Ka-Bar Dozier. This is one of the things I really like about this knife. As I mentioned earlier the knife is extremely light weight coming in at 2.5 oz. The handle of this EDC folding knife is where you get that lightweight factor. The handle of the Ka-Bar Dozier is made from a material Ka-Bar refers to as Zytel. Which they describe as a glass filled Nylon and is made by DuPont. In addition to being lightweight the handle also has some great stippling which gives the knife some really good grip. Like the thumb stud on the blade the pocket clip can be reversed to the opposite side and is a point up carry folding knife.

I have to say again that I would highly recommend this knife for anyone looking for a great EDC folding knife. If you're thinking about purchasing the Ka-Bar Dozier I hope this article helps you to make your decision.  Thanks for reading and check out Preppers Unlimited.com again soon for more reviews and articles.