Kershaw Cryo Review

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If you are looking for a good sturdy pocket knife you need to take a look at the Kershaw Cryo. It is easy to describe this knife as rugged and durable and once you feel it in hand you will understand why. I know it is after the holidays but this is a great gift option due to its price and functionality. We will go over some specs as well as what I’ve put it through so you can make an informed choice if you want to go with the Kershaw Cryo. This Kershaw Cryo review is based on the 1555TI model specifically.

Kershaw Cryo Review: Specs

kershaw cryo review

First of all let’s get through the specifications of this knife to see if those match up with what you’re after. The blade is 2 ¾” long and made out of 8Cr13MoV titanium carbo-nitride coated to give it better protection and I can attest to the wear resistance it offers because I have used the knife to baton with to split kindling and the coating does not show any wear areas. The handle is made out of 410 stainless steel that is very solid and shares the same carbo-nitride coating making the blade and handle match. Its overall length is 6 ½” making it a great size for everyday carry. Like a lot of Kershaw designs the fact the handle is all steel makes the knife feel a little heavy to me. It weighs in at 4.1 oz and is definitely on the heavier end of knives I carry for everyday carry. The bonus is it is a very tough little knife. Another cool feature to it is the fact you can swap the pocket clip to carry tip up or tip down on either side of the knife making it very customizable for lefties also. It uses a frame lock to keep the blade open and it is extremely sturdy. Hitting it and batoning with it through wood it stayed rock solid. It comes very sharp out of box and has held an edge pretty well even though it uses a budget knife steel. The flipper design with Kershaw’s SpeedSafe assisted opening design works well and opens quickly. The knife is smooth and does not offer a lot of traction but the positive is that it doesn’t tear up your pants when pulling the knife out. The pocket clip is a deep carry design (when carried tip down it sits further into the pocket) and mine has been extremely stiff and I wish it wasn’t so tight to make it easier to slide in and out of my pocket but will loosen with time or you can probably bend it slightly to get some of the tension out of it.

Kershaw Cryo Review: Use and Testing

kershaw cryo review

I received this knife as an early Christmas present and have got to use it quite a bit at work and outside doing some basic bush craft. It has held up very well and none of the fasteners have come loose. As I mentioned before the finish is really durable and holds up well especially compared to black blades that tend to wear more quickly. I used it to chop up some smaller dead branches for kindling to make a fire and it held up to the abuse very well and still does not need sharpened. The 8Cr13MoV knife steel has always held up well in my testing and this blade was no different. The good thing about it is when it needs sharpened it sharpens very easily and I think has at least standard blade retention. It’s a good carving knife because it is solid and small enough to be easily maneuverable. In terms of basic cutting such as opening boxes and cutting cardboard it does a great job as you’d expect for simple things like that. I have used alcohol wipes to get the tape residue off the blade and the finish has not faded at all which is a good sign. I think it is definitely durable enough for everyday tasks that you would need a blade for.

Kershaw Cryo Review: Summary

In summation I would recommend this knife if you are used to or don’t mind a heavier pocket knife. There are lighter options that I think would serve just as well but this is a very solid knife and will last for a long time with basic care. They are very affordable and look very cool so as I said makes a great gift whether that is for someone else or a gift just for you. I recommend keeping the lint blown out from inside the frame as with all knives it builds up quickly when put in the pocket a lot. Overall I would suggest you pick up one of these knives and let it help with all your utility and day to day needs. Thanks for reading and check back for more content.