Knife Style Breakdown

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In this discussion we will go into the world of blades. This will be a basic overview of the main types of knives and some of the basic traits they will possess. These will be separated into the following categories to simplify the breakdown of blades:

  • · Wilderness Survival knives
  • · Pocket knives
  • · Hunting Knives
  • · Military Knives

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Wilderness Survival Knife

wilderness knife

Opening the discussion are wilderness survival knives. These knives are typically fixed blade knives. Generally blade lengths range from four to seven inches. The blade thickness is consistently around one quarter of an inch. These knives are designed to be sturdy and have good chopping ability sharp enough to cut cordage and use as a defensive weapon from predators. The come with straight and partially serrated blades. As the name entails these knives are designed to be rugged and durable and generally offer good corrosion resistance.

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Pocket Knife

pocket knife

Next we open up with pocket knives. These knives have a pocket clip to offer quick access to it but keep a compact setup.

These are folding knives and have blade lengths that typically range three to five inches.

They come in both straight and partially serrated blades and are extremely common. They come in all sorts of styles and varieties of widths and thicknesses.

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Hunting Knife

hunting knife

Now we jump into hunting knives. This style of knife tends to be a fixed blade and occasionally will come with a gutting hook on the back side of the blade tip.

These blades are almost always straight age to ensure smoother skinning capability.

The blade length is typically four to six inches. These are stout blades but thin enough to be good for smooth cutting.

Military Knife

military knife

Finally we get to military knives. The knives are designed as fighting knives. Most have longer blades from four to eight inches. This gives the ability to block knife to knife blows and still have sharp sections of the blade.

These knives are durable and tend to be thicker and heavier and are closer to survival knives than anything else in this category.

There is a wide variety and the diversity of the world’s militaries has different ideas as to what is the ideal knife. Even U.S. military branches adopt different knives as their go to war blade.

This was a brief breakdown and is not concrete rules to knives of these types. I will go into more depth and bring specific examples considered to be good choices to purchase in more discussions to come. Check back for more content. Thanks for reading.

Garrett W.

  • steve B

    I guess I need to go buy myself a good all around blade to add to my collection.
    I generally keep two Leatherman units near me at any physically on me the other in the glove box. My hunting knife is a Bowie with a 13″ blade…makes a pretty good intimidation weapon as well….

    • Hey Steve I would suggest looking at this Seal Pup Elite. It’s a great knife and can be a good survival and hunting knife and defensive type. Check it out.