Magpul MOE Stock and Pistol Grip Review

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This article is going to be a review over the Magpul MOE stock and pistol grip. Recently I bought these to put on my Smith and Wesson to change up the color scheme a bit I went with the FDE (flat dark earth) color as you can see from the picture above. We're going to look at both and break down what my thoughts of each are. Lets start with the Magpul MOE stock first.

Magpul MOE Stock

Magpul moe stock

You can find the Magpul MOE stock on Amazon here

My first impressions when I received the Magpul MOE stock were great it came in a nice box and the stock was wrapped in plastic so there wasn't any damage from shipping. It took me less than five minutes to uninstall my old one and install the new Magpul MOE stock. It comes with really clear cut instructions that will help you out if you're not sure how to install it though. After installing it I immediately noticed a difference in the way it functioned, it just felt like it operated a lot smoother. There is still a little play in it which isn't really a big deal to me, but if it bothers you Magpul also offer the CTR stock which is very similar in appearance to the Magpul MOE stock. The CTR offers an additional locking feature however that eliminates the wobble. One thing you'll want to keep in mind when you're selecting your stock no matter what brand it is, make sure you know what kind of buffer tube you have. There are two types the mil-spec which is the one I have and the commercial. At a glance they look a lot alike but there are some subtle differences. The first way to tell is to get a micrometer and measure the outer diameter if its a mil-spec it'll be around 1.14 - 1.15 inches. If you have a commercial buffer tube it'll be slightly larger and come in at about 1.16 - 1.17 inches. Another quick way to tell is to look at the end of the tube opposite of the threaded end and if its a commercial buffer tube it will be slightly slanted whereas a mil-spec will be straight. The Magpul MOE stock allows for multiple add ons as well, you can find thicker butt pads and cheek risers to make your stock fully customized to fit your needs.

Magpul MOE + Grip

Magpul MOE pistol grip

Magpul makes some great grips I especially like the + grip

Now lets talk about the Magpul MOE + grip I already had a pretty nice pistol grip that I liked it was an ATI Scorpion but it was a little thick for my hand and didn't match the color scheme I was going for. So I started looking at Magpul they have a few different types but I ended up going with the MOE + grip I liked that it had a nice rubbery texture versus the hard plastic I feel like this gives you better grip if the elements aren't in your favor. I also liked the fact that it wasn't as think as the ATI scorpion so if you have moderately sized hands I think the Magpul MOE + grip will be perfect for you. Another thing that interested me in this pistol grip was the storage compartment inside of it Magpul offers some compartment pieces that allow you to store batteries inside I chose to just put a Priorities of Survival booklet from Bear Grylls inside just in case. One thing to note on the storage compartment however is that it is a little tough to open but I really should be so that it doesn't just come open when you're in the field. The color options available from Magpul are also a nice feature and it allows you to customize your rifle this way.

Both of these pieces are great and if you're thinking about purchasing one I would definitely recommend them both. Hopefully this article helps you to figure out if the Magpul MOE stock and pistol grip are right for you. Thanks for reading and be sure to check back soon for even more articles. If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them down below. Remember hope for the best but prepare for the worst.