How to Make an Altoids Survival Kit

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If you're needing a compact EDC survival kit, maybe a a kit to throw inside your bug out bag, or even a fishing kit for your tackle box then an altoids survival kit is for you.

While you can't hold a lot inside of one of these kits they are still a great backup if need and I suggest every prepper have one. I'm going to tell you how to make an altoids survival kit here and give you some tips on picking items to go in it as well.

The main component you'll need is obviously an altoids tin, although you can find loads of different sized tins on amazon. You may also want some tape, either duct tape or electrical.

You can create a water proof seal around your tin by wrapping the tape around the seam between the lid and body of the tin.

We're going to take a look at three basic kit styles you can make so lets get started.

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Altoids Fishing Kit

altoids survival kit fishing

You can make yourself a pretty nice little fishing kit to throw inside your tackle box or just to have in your bug out bag in case you need it.

This could come in handy if for some reason you ran out of fishing weights or hooks etc. I like to throw a few fishing hooks of various sizes in mine that way I have some options available.

You may also want to include some some weights also of various sizes. Some fishing string could come in handy so it might not be a bad idea to include a little of that as well. Even though you probably wouldn't be able to restring your reel with this amount it could be used for something else.

I've included a small pocket knife in almost all of my altoids survival kits and I would recommend that you do the same. Another thing you could include although I've never tried to fit it in mine is some sort of bug repellent.

Altoids First Aid Kit

altoids survival kit first aid

Having a first aid kit handy is always great and having it conveniently packed into an altoids tin is even better. So lets take a look at some of the things you can include into your altoids first aid kit.

Band aids are a great option to have they're small so you could get a nice amount in there. Again you can have various sizes as well.

A small amount of gauze is another great idea. You could include a small knife or multi-tool so you can cut the gauze too. Having some medication such as asprin, ibuprofin, benedryl etc.

I've seen where guys take straws and fill them with things such as salt or pepper and melt the ends closed. Maybe you could squeeze out some neosporin into a straw for a nice compact way of storing it. A sewing kit for closing wounds might be an interesting idea to try as well.

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Altoids Survival Kit

altoids survival kit knife

This kit is more of an all purpose altoids survival kit and is made to cover an array of needs. These work great as an EDC item you can fit them in your back or front pocket.

They're also a great addition to your bug out bag because they take up very little space and you can get a surprising amount of stuff into one of these.

So lets look at some potential items for your altoids survival kit. I like to have as many means of fire as I possibly can so I'll include a lighter some matches (water proof preferably) and a little tinder bundle also.

Now for the matches you might want to get the strike anywhere ones with the white heads. You could also cut the striker part of the match box off and glue inside your altoids survival kit. Like I've said before I like to include a small knife as well.

You can take parts from the fishing kit and first aid kit and include those as well. Paracord is another great option you can choose to put into your altoids survival kit.

Making your own altoids survival kit is easy and fun so I encourage you to make one and come up with your own ideas of items to include in your survival kit. Let us know what you come up with by commenting in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and check back for new posts coming soon.