Why Premade Bug Out Bags Drive Me Crazy!

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You don't have to stumble around on the internet looking for bug out bags for very long before you come across the futile premade bug out bags.

As the title implies I'm not a fan of these and for good reason too!

Most of us preppers aren't made of money so every dollar we earn we need to spend wisely. Not only that but some of us enjoy creating our own preps.

Sure they may save you some time piecing out all the gear you'll need to build your bug out bag, but is it really worth it?​

Premade Bug Out Bags Are NOT Budget Friendly!

burning money

Like I mentioned before you can find these premade bug out bags pretty easily, you'll see them advertised as a cheaper alternative to building your own most times.

This would be true except​... it's not.

​Yes you might be able to get the pack and gear up front cheaper than piecing out, but if you do your research you'll soon see that these bags are cheaply made and the gear inside them is JUNK!

​I've seen some of these bags like the Echo Sigma Bug Out Bag selling for over $600! Yes you get a SOG S62 multi-tool, a sleeping bag and a free lifestraw, but beyond that the most valuable item in the pack is a few batteries.

In my mind these are marketing techniques to make you feel like you're getting a better deal.

The SOG multi-tool and lifestraw water filter combined are less than $100, you can still get a great pack and fill it out with high quality items for under $600 for sure.

Premade Bug Out Bags Are Full of Junk Gear!


If you've taken a look at these bags you'll see that they actually offer quite an array of items.

The problem is that they are almost all cheaply made.

If you're in a bug out scenario are you willing to trust those items with your life? That's what you'll have to do if you buy one.

I don't think I can trust the bags themselves let alone the items inside them. I just feel better knowing that I personally chose the items for my bag, because I know they work (I've tested them).

This brings me to my next point. You'll often times spend more money replacing gear that's broke or doesn't work than if you just bought something of descent value to start with.

Not to mention these bags are in no way tailored to you specifically. They are mass produced to cover a wide range of needs for different people. This may not work for you.

You might end up using half the gear (then replacing it when it breaks) and not using the other half because you don't need it.

Ditch the Premade Bug Out Bag and Build Your Own Bug Out Bag!

bug out bag

If you're wanting to buy a premade bug out bag I appreciate the fact that you want to be prepared and understand the times that we live in.

I can't stress to you enough though that you should build your own bug out bag. If you're a beginner and a little lost, that's ok so were we at one point. We've put together a free starter guide just for you!

The bottom line is that you need to put the time, effort, and money into something​ that you can stake your life on and trust the items inside. So do your research and look at some high quality bug out bags and invest in gear you know works.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article I think it is something pretty important that needs to be addressed more so people know that there are better alternatives to these premade bug out bags. Be sure to check out our article covering some of the best bug out bags on the market to help you get an idea of quality bags and download our free starter guide to get started building your very own bug out bag.


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