Ruger American Rimfire Review

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In this discussion I will be discussing the Ruger American .22 WMR. We will go over what I discovered are the pros and cons of it and who should consider this weapon.

First Impressions

I first purchased this rifle at a local gun store for right at $280. Follow this link to see other available models and the one i purchased. Growing up using Ruger firearms and being overall pleased with their performance this gun seemed like the right choice for the purpose I had in mind for it (varmint control around the ranch). I picked the compact version to help keep the weight of the rifle under six pounds loaded. Out of the box it came with a gun lock and an alternate raised cheek stock module for scopes. I did an initial cleaning to make sure there were no filings from machining (the barrel had a lot of them) and put a Simmons .22 Mag rifle scope on it and went to sight it in. I took three different varieties of ammunition. Hornady V-Max 30 grain, Sellier&Bellot Jacketed Hollow Point, and CCI 40 grain total metal jacket.

As I shot my first magazine the gun jammed once. I did not get overly alarmed until as I started to keep going and the jams became even more frequent. Finally after shooting around fifty rounds between the three types of ammo it averaged a jam every third shot. I cut my losses and realized I had to take this gun back to have work done. After calling Ruger and explaining the problem and the use of different ammunition with the same result I took the firearm back to the gun store and had it shipped out. After about a week and a half I got a call from Ruger wanting to confirm sending me a new rifle because their technicians deemed it as irreparable. A week later I went and picked up the new rifle and repeated the process.

Second Chance

The new gun fired the CCI and the Hornady very well. The Sellier&Bellot ammunition however averaged a jam four out of five shots. I kept the gun so far just because we need the rifle around the place for varmints until I can get a couple other varieties to ensure it is just the ammunition. These problems however have caused me to pause on the rifle and if it has issues with any other types of issues I will be sending it back.




I will add more to this post after I get more ammunition to test through this gun but as of now I would recommend looking a different model as I will if the issues continue. Thanks for reading and check back for more content and the update on this rifle discussion.

Garrett W.

  • You are right this gun is basically useless and unreliable mine also jammed a lot and I regretted buying this firearm.

    • I have noticed 45 grain bullets tend to not jam in the second gun they sent me. Also Hornady 30 grain V-max has been reliable in this one as well. Hope you get your issues figured out.