Seed Starting System

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If you are in a place with cold winters then you are probably already excited for spring and the new emergence of life beginning again, and gardens are probably part of that list. In this post we will go over a great seed starting system. I realize it is still a little early but you can use this advice whenever you decide to begin preparing for planting season.

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Seed Starting

I used the Planters Pride Heated Greenhouse Kit. The kit comes with a base, tray, humidity dome, heat mat, and 72 growing cells. I found this kit for a great price and understand there are higher quality ones but being cost conscious is a general concern for most of us. With the heat mat and humidity dome seeds germinate much faster than on average. Make sure to check on the back of your seed packets to see what temperature is ideal for you seeds to germinate. Most vegetable and herb seeds do prefer warm temperatures for germination.

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Humidity Dome

Simply select your favorite seed starting soil and plant the seed, depending on the size of seed, a quarter of inch or shallower and wet the soil. Do not completely soak the soil because this can disrupt the seed. I use a small spray bottle with a firm mist to wet the soil without disturbing the lay of the soil and seed. Then simply plug in the heat mat and cover with the humidity dome. Condensation will build relatively quickly showing you if the heat mat is working and that the humidity dome is properly seated onto the tray.

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Light Source

I suggest either getting marking sticks or just a painters tape to label each seed cell so you can properly identify the seedlings as they germinate. Set your tray in a well lit area so that seedlings can get sunlight or use an artificial light source. The price and effectiveness of this system makes starting the seeds you want for your garden easy. The base tray is thin so just be relatively careful when you move it so it does not bend or tear. Learning to grow your own food is a great skill to have in your prepping arsenal. Thanks for reading and good luck getting your spring and garden started.

Garrett W.