How to Sharpen a Hunting Knife with a Whetstone

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Having the skills to be a be able to sharpen your own knife can be invaluable to a prepper, survivalist or even a hunter.

Having a knife is a great asset when you're in the woods but what good is it when you can't cut with it? I'm going to give you some steps to take so you can sharpen your own hunting or survival knife on a whetstone.

Some things you'll need include: a knife to be sharpened, a whetstone generally 300 - 1200 grit (the lower the number rougher the stone), and some water or honing solution.

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Step 1: Find Your Stone

honing solution

Find a stone that works best for you. There are lots of different types ranging from oil, water and diamond stones I prefer to use the oil stones my self.

You want to apply either your oil or water to your stone and prep it to sharpen your knife.

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Step 2: Determine Your Angle

sharpening a knife

Now depending on the angle of your blade you'll want to match that angle as you sharpen your knife. I like to use anywhere from about 35-40 degrees.

If you aren't sure of your angle you can also fill in the edge of your blade with a marker and draw your knife across the stone a couple of times to see what angle causes the marker to come off.

This will give you your angle to sharpen your knife. After you have your angle place the edge of the blade on the stone at your desired angle with your thumb on the spine of the blade to help guide it across the stone.

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Step 3: Slice

After you've found your angle and you're ready to sharpen you can begin by applying a slight downward pressure and drawing the entire blade across the stone.

The idea is to imagine you're trying to slice or shave a very thin piece off the top of your stone. Repeat this step around 10-20 times depending on the grit of your stone and how dull your blade is. After you have that side done flip your knife over and repeat keeping the same angle as you sharpen your knife.

Using a whetstone will help to give your blade a new edge which is great if your knife has been used a lot over time with out being sharpened.

To true up your edge and make it even sharper I recommend using a ceramic and carbide hand held sharpener.

Hopefully this will help you in sharpening all of your hunting and survival knives so you're never with out a good blade. Keep your knives sharpened before heading out in the field or just in case a situation were to arise where you would need a sharp blade. Thanks for reading and don't forget to check back soon for more articles.