SOG Entrenching Tool Review

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Today we will go over the SOG Entrenching Tool Review. If you are looking for something that will work for simple camp activities or a tool that will help you during a bug out scenario the SOG Entrenching tool seemed to fit the build.

SOG Entrenching Tool Specs

SOG Entrenching Tool

It tightens up very solidly.

First off we will go over the specifications and materials. The blade and handle both are made of high carbon steel and the blade is tempered to offer more strength. It has a saw tooth side to be used for cutting but did not work very well for that but could offer some degree of usefulness. It is black powder coated that holds up well and is effective to inhibit rust on the high carbon steel. It weighs 24.50 ounces which feels light and an overall length of 18.25” it folds up to be very compact. The sheath is made out of ballistic nylon and has a loop and snap closing system. The snap is definitely superior to Velcro attachment especially around dirt which the tool is made and designed for. The back of the sheath has a belt loop to attach to your belt but I prefer just storing it inside the main compartment of my pack.

SOG Entrenching Tool Design

SOG Entrenching Tool

It folds up to be very compact and stores easily.

The design of SOG Entrenching Tool is a simple fold up shovel with a pick on the back side of the shovel head but when the shovel head is full extended it gives more rigidity to shovel. You secure the head as you unfold it by simply tightening the sleeve near the shovel head. It has a good lock up and is a durable way to secure the head. Even after using it to dig several holes and also the pick feature on a clay cliff it did not loosen at all. It is a fairly thick and the shovel head did not warp or bend when it was turned or twisted into the dirt. The handle is basically a tube bent into shape for the handle. After using this when my hands were wet I would suggest wrapping the handle with maybe duct tape to give you some traction if you have sweaty or wet hands.

SOG Entrenching Tool Overall

SOG Entrenching Tool

Good compact option for an e tool

Finally we come to how the entrenching tool works and if you should get one. After digging with it and realizing just how handy it is for the purpose of digging a fire pit or a water pit to drain water into to drink it does a great job. I dug in sand, clay, and rocky sand. It cuts into the dirt easily and the powder coating did not flake off or chip the shovel head when digging through the rocky soil. I did not fully torture test it by slamming it on rocks trying to induce a failure because it held up to what I would consider normal use and got a good feel for what it is capable of. It is comfortable and easy to store without taking up a lot of space. I would say it is more compact and materially better than most competitors. For the price point and how easy it is to integrate into your bug out bag or camping kit it is definitely worth getting one and trying it out and enjoying it. Thanks for reading and check back for more content.