SOG Seal Pup Review

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If you need a great survival knife that also has a good tactical ability without being overly large and at a great price point read on through this SOG Seal Pup Review. There is a good balance when looking for a survival knife that will not be overly bulky, offer good corrosion resistance, and still be effective in a defensive manner. Not very many knives can do all of these in an effective fashion and the SOG Seal Pup delivers.

SOG Seal Pup Review : Specifications

SOG Seal Pup Review

Lightweight and easy to handle for most users.

First off for the SOG Seal Pup Review we will go over the overall dimensions. It is a fixed bladed knife and from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle is an even 9”. The length of the blade itself is 4.75” and is a powder coated Aus 8 steel. The powder coating along with the already corrosion resistant Aus 8 stainless steel makes care for the blade very easy and minimal. It has a clip point blade shape with partial serrations and even when used for cutting or batoning wood for fires or shelters it still remains sharp and easily takes an edge when re-sharpened. The blades hardness level on RC scale is in the range of 57-58. The blades thickness measures .19” which is enough thickness to be stout and rigid but without adding a lot of weight. The total weight of the knife is just 5.4 oz making it very light and easy to move if used defensively and does not add a lot of weight for your overall load out when used for hiking or in your bug out bag.

SOG Seal Pup Review

Next we come to the handle. The handle material itself is a glass reinforced nylon that is very strong and very solid on the knife. It has good texturing on both sides of the handle which helps with sweaty or wet hands to hold onto it. The handle itself is molded to fit your individual fingers giving you better traction and making it easier to keep your hand from slipping forward. At the end of the handle there is a good sized lanyard hole that will easily accept 550 paracord. You can get different sheaths also either kydex sheath or a nylon material. The nylon one has a pouch on the front that you can store a small sharpening stone or a magnesium fire device.

SOG Seal Pup Review : Testing and Conclusion 

I’ve had this knife for over four years now and it has never let me down. As far as it’s tested capabilities it has been used for wood carving (it is maneuverable enough for some detailed work), cutting rope and string easily, and used to baton for firewood and kindling, as well as used for cleaning small game. It has held up to all this and stayed very sharp for me. I have never had a nick taken out of the blade from chopping or hitting something hard by accident and even after cutting through wood it stays sharp enough to easily cut cordage. I have only had to sharpen the serrations once with a diamond file and they remain very sharp and are nice to just have the options of a section of serrations. The other great thing about this knife is how little maintenance you actually have to perform on it. The powder coating combined with the Aus-8 stainless steel is a good package for corrosion resistance. I simply wipe it down with a silicon cleaning cloth after some good use and it has stayed rust spot free after some use in rain and around rivers and lakes. I did inadvertently scratch the spine with a flint striker and took some powder coating off but is kind of a necessary evil to make it strike ferro rods more efficient. Even in that spot the steel has no corrosion damage.

Overall it isn’t the biggest heftiest survival or tactical knife but one that just makes sense and is manageable for almost everyone. It is light enough you do not need to worry about adding it in your load out and suffering because of it. It is also shaped in a manner that if you had to use it for defense it would be effective and fast and give you reliable grip. The only downside to that is there in no jimping to really catch your thumb. I may make a video or picture documented post to show you how to make your own jimping on a knife easily. The blade is strong and you don’t have to worry about its corrosion resistance making it ideal for an outdoor and survival knife. Also if you have looked at knives the price point on the model the same as mine is extremely affordable for either a SOG knife in general or any outdoor or “tactical” knives.

SOG Seal Pup Review

SOG Seal Pup Elite

Now all this being said there are more variations of the SOG Seal Pup. There is the SOG Seal Pup elite series that offers different blade finishes as well as the option of a blade devoid of any serrations if you like just a clean blade the entire length of the knife. In terms of blade material it is the same steel and the differences primarily reside in the coatings and style of blade, i.e. non-serrated blades and different coating options. If you like these designs better I have no doubt the knife will serve you very well but if you don’t want to pony up the extra cash the traditional Seal Pup is very adequate. Thanks for reading the SOG Seal Pup Review and if you do happen to pick up one of these knives come back and leave a comment about your experience as I and the other readers would love to hear your thoughts. Check back for more reviews and articles.