SOG SlimJim Review

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At a Glance

sog slimjim review

The Sog SlimJim is a great lightweight and THIN everyday carry knife. It comes with a very sharp blade and a fine tip for precision if needed. 

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2.4 oz

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The SlimJim comes in at right around 1/4" thick not counting the thumb studs or pocket clip making this an ultra thin and lightweight EDC option. It has a deep carry pocket clip that leaves practically none of the knife showing out of your pocket. The Aus-8 steel is a great option due to how easily it can be resharpened after tough use to a razor edge. 



   Deep carry pocket clip

   Very sharp Aus-8 steel blade

   3.18" blade

   1/4" wide at the frame

Sog SlimJim

This will be a relatively quick overview over the SOG SlimJim knife. After having had it for a few months now I’m familiar with its abilities and quirks. Read on if you want to read more about the SOG SlimJim review.

SOG SlimJim Review: Specifications

SOG SlimJim Review

It is made out of Aus-8 stainless steel which sharpens well and also offers pretty good corrosion resistance while the handle is 420 stainless steel. The blade is 3.18 inches with an overall length of 7.4 inches. As from the pictures you can see I have the satin finish but they also sell one in a black color as well. It weighs in at a light 2.4 ounces making it very easy to carry weight wise. It is an assisted opening knife but also has a lock that will keep the knife from being deployed or keep the blade from being able to close when actuated when open. It has a reversible deep carry pocket clip. As the name suggests it is thin! Not measuring from the thumb studs but the handle itself it measured just under a ¼”.

SOG SlimJim Review: Use and Testing

SOG SlimJim Review

When you hold the SlimJim and you are used to pretty much all other knives it will feel a bit strange. From the skeletonized handle to the serrated lock on the handle and just how darn thin it is compared to other knives I typically carry it is a whole new experience. My favorite thing about the knife is the very sharp blade out of box. I have not had to sharpen it since I’ve got it even when using it as my edc for awhile cutting cardboard and tape. It has held up great and the blade definitely gets a thumbs up from me. The only real downside for me is the fact that it can be sharp and a little uncomfortable to hold. The sharpness comes from the jimping on the lock release can dig into your hand as you hold it. It works great for more delicate work with that sharp fine tip and is awesome for wood carving. I had to loosen the pivot screw to make the knife open a little easier but once I did the assisted opening made it spring open fast. Since I can only carry a knife for so long before I rotate in a different one this is still an everyday carry for me but in a different role some of you out there may also have. It is my coat knife. I put it on the inside pocket of my work coat because it is so thin I never notice it poking into me and is great as a backup especially if my pants pocket knife doesn’t have a fine tip. I think I will always leave it in that coat because I really like how it feels that role but it would also fill your edc role if you don’t mind that grip of it.

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SOG SlimJim Review

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SOG SlimJim Review: Conclusion

SOG SlimJim Review

In summation this is the type of knife that will work well for you if want a slim and very lightweight knife. It has its quirks with the feel but once you use it you will adjust to it but it does take some adjusting to from traditional pocket knife textures and designs. As I mentioned there is a black version if the bright shiny metal one isn’t your style. Amazon has these at a great price if you are looking for an easy way to pick one up check them out. Thanks for reading and check back for more content.