Sparrows Lock Picks: EOD Light Kit Review

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Sparrows Lock Picks:

EOD Light Kit

Sparrows Lock Picks EOD Light Kit

Sparrows Lock Picks has collaborated with members of the EOD to come up with an extraordinary product. The EOD Light Kit. Heavy on the rakes and built for speed the EOD Light Kit is your best friend when you need to gain access to a lock in a hurry.

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2.25 oz

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Stainless Steel


If you're looking for a lock pick set that will get the job done when you need it to look no further than Sparrows' EOD Light Kit. This kit was built in collaboration with real members of the EOD so you know it's built with functionality in mind. The EOD Light Kit was made with speed in mind, so you can attack a lock and get through it as quick as possible.


   Worm Rake

   Mini Shank

   Standard Hook Pick

   Triple Peak Rake

   Double Peak Rake

   Half Diamond

   Enhanced Snake Rake

  2 Complete Tension Wrench Sets

Sparrows Lock Picks: EOD Light Kit

As mentioned earlier the EOD Kit is built with speed in mind, this is why the guys at Sparrows Lock Picks designed the kit with several types of rakes.

When ​you need to attack and gain access to a lock quickly like the EOD so often does, the best way to do this is by raking the lock.

I've purchased lock pick sets off of Amazon before in the past and while they may look like the real deal if you do some research you'll find that these are just junk. Most of the items in the kits you don't even need and the steel that they're made from is suspect at best.

When I received my EOD Light Kit from Sparrows Lock Picks the difference in quality was night and day. No sharp edges on the EOD Kit while the Amazon kit was poorly finished.

While using the Amazon kit I noticed that if I applied to much force (which wasn't a lot) the pick or rake would actually bend​.

With the Sparrows kit however I don't even get the feeling that I'll bend the tools, I'm sure I could if I tried but the point is that upon my first encounter with the EOD Kit I knew I was getting my money's worth.

What You Get With the EOD Light Kit

Sparrows uses stainless steel in all the tools included inside of the EOD Kit​ which is great as it adds a lot of corrosion resistance to them.

lock picks

From left to right: Double Peak Rake, Half Diamond, Standard Hook, Snake Rake, Triple Peak Rake, Worm Rake

As for the tools in the EOD Light Kit you'll get a variety of rakes including:

  • Sparrows slightly modified snake rake (to aid in tackling a wider variety of locks)
  • Worm rake (made a bit thicker than normal)
  • Triple peak rake
  • Double peak rake
  • Half Diamond (sort of a hybrid cross between a rake and pick)
  • Standard hook pick
  • Mini Shank
  • 3 widths of twist flex tension wrenches
  • 3 widths of Z wrenches
  • and you choice in color for the carrying pouch

So as you can see you get a pretty good variety of rakes in this kit, various tension wrenches, and a pick just in case.

Sparrows Lock Picks makes some great products I recommend you purchase either this kit or something like it as an addition to your SERE (Survival, Escape, Resistance, Evasion) Kit, Bug Out Bag or your Urban Survival Kit. 

I hope you enjoyed this article, please be sure to check back again soon for more articles coming from Preppers Unlimited. Thanks for reading, and remember Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst.