Surviving a Terrorist Attack: Terrorist Attack Survival Kit (T.A.S.K.)

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As preppers we are always trying to maintain a sense of readiness for any sort of calamity, but over the past few months things have changed that has made it harder for us to remain prepared. Terrorist attacks are springing up everywhere from Europe to America; we've seen them in night clubs, music concerts, sports stadiums, and on the very streets we walk daily. Just in 2016 alone there has been over 11,000 people killed from Islamic related terror attacks all over the world. This doesn't take into account the recent attacks on the men and women who have lost their lives to the very people they have sworn to protect. There are no doubt more antic times to come and we need to be prepared for those. With these numbers of deaths; surviving a terrorist attack would seem impossible, but with the proper preparedness you can survive and even help others survive as well. While we may not be able to prevent them entirely we can minimize the damage done, take action to save the lives of our fellow citizens and survive a terrorist attack ourselves should we find ourselves the victims of one. In this article we will be discussing a terrorist attack survival kit or T.A.S.K. we'll cover the use of this type of kit and the items that make it up.

Surviving a Terrorist Attack: What is a Terrorist Attack Survival Kit?

T.A.S.K.'s are essentially an EDC kit that are more adapted to fit the challenge of surviving a terrorist attack in Europe and America as well as all over the world. They focus on stopping threats and providing immediate medical attention to those who need it, they are also geared towards urban survival in a realistic sort of way. Some people may ask: Why would a different kit be needed for surviving a terrorist attack over anything else? I'm not saying give up on a bug out bag, get home bag or whatever bag. The advantages of having a T.A.S.K. are simple, you'll have a kit that is more adapted and suited to perform during a terrorist attack. Rather than having a big bulky pack weighing 20-50+ pounds you can keep a lighter weight kit on you during situations where you may need it or have it in your vehicle ready to go. With all of the terror attacks that we've seen in just this year alone people need to start thinking about prepping for these situations. They often happen quickly and without much warning so we must be ready to act using our T.A.S.K. to our full advantage. Having a Terrorist Attack Survival Kit like this will give people not only a chance to defend themselves, but a chance at surviving a terrorist attack when many unfortunately have not.

Surviving a Terrorist Attack: Essential Items to a T.A.S.K.

red rock sling pack

Red Rock Outdoor's Gear Rover Sling Pack is an excellent choice it offers adequate room and an affordable price.

A great kit is going to start with a great bag first and foremost; packs like the Condor EDC Bag and Maxpedition Versipack are great choices. Condor usually has lower prices while I see Maxpedition being of higher quality and better engineered but both are good choices. Another route to take with packs is the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack its a little bigger so it offers more room and is honestly my top choice. One important thing that the Maxpedition Versipack has over the other two options is that of color choice. They offer a lot of colors that wouldn't draw a lot of attention like red, green and pink, this means you're less likely to be picked out as somebody who knows what the hell they're doing. They all offer MOLLE webbing for additional attachments of gear and pouches which is great. Whatever choice of bag you decided to go with just be sure that you're able to carry your handgun if you have a CCW permit and make sure that you have ample space for adding gear. When it comes to items to put in your Terrorist Attack Survival Kit your first priority should be defense in my mind. Whether its a taser, pepper spray or a handgun get something to defend yourself and others in a situation like this. Next thing you're going to want to include is an abundance of medical supplies. This part of your T.A.S.K. is going to be a huge part in surviving a terrorist attack. Then you're going to want some things for an urban environment like a pocket knife maybe a lock pick set (if your state permits it), some small tools etc. Take a look at the list below to see what I recommend for your Terror Attack Kit.

T.A.S.K. Items That will Help You in Surviving a Terrorist Attack


Pistol- Whether its a full sized, compact or subcompact I recommend you carry a firearm in your T.A.K. so long as you have the training and certification to do so. Also carry a few spare mags and practice doing mag changes so that you're prepared if you ever need to do one.

Taser- If you don't feel comfortable carrying a firearm or don't have one you should look into getting a taser you can find various kinds at various prices. While a taser won't completely eliminate a threat it can slow it down enough for you to get away. If you're looking to pick one up check this one out by Viperteck it has great reviews and you can get it for a good price too.

Pepper Spray- This is probably a last resort type of thing although pepper spray can be effective it wouldn't be my first choice. If you are looking to go this route however I recommend getting some high grade stuff like Sabre's 3 in 1 formula this stuff is potent! It's a concoction of pepper spray, CS  military tear gas and UV marking dye. If you have to get pepper spray I highly recommend this one.

Medical Supplies

Trauma Kit- First thing I recommend you get on the medical side is a trauma kit of some type. Having a good trauma kit is going to be a huge advantage and could mean the difference between surviving a terrorist attack and not making. Adventure Medical Kits makes one that gets good reviews on Amazon and you can usually pick it up for around $20.

Extra pouch- It might be a good idea to add an extra pouch or two for more gear if you need it. Maxpedition makes several sizes and styles so I would check them out also be sure to check out the review we did over the Maxpedition Beefy Pocket Organizer. Keep in mind that you don't have to keep your extra pouches on the outside. You can store them inside your pack as well, just to keep things organized, the only drawback to that is you'll lose a little internal space, but you'll have better organization.

Shears/Scissors- If your trauma kit doesn't already come with a pair or two of these it might be worth it to get some. Having some shears or scissors will help you cut clothing and bandages without risking further injury to the wounded. This little kit on Amazon by Rescue Essentials has all the shears and scissors you'll need it also comes with forceps and a light as well.

Sam Splint- Sam Splints are a great way to immobilize parts of the body that could be further injured by movement. These are also nice because you can roll them up for easy storage and they can be cut to different sizes with your shears or scissors.

Israeli Bandage- The Israeli Bandage has to be one of the best items you can buy for a trauma kit. If you're going to survive a terrorist attack having one or two of these will certainly help. They are similar to the quick clot sponges, but the sponge is built into a roll that can be used to wrap and stop the bleeding of a wound. They have tremendous reviews on Amazon in fact at the time of writing this they have a 4.8 out of 5 stars from 851 reviews.

Tourniquet- Another way to make surviving a terrorist attack a reality is a tourniquet. If you are able to use one of these and the Israeli Bandage together on an arterial wound you'll greatly increase your chances of survivability. The R.A.T.S tourniquet is a great system and can be used with only one hand if needed.

Chest Seals- As we've seen in the past a lot of terrorist attacks end with entry/exit wounds to the chest cavity. Being able to seal up those sucking wounds can make a big difference in allowing the person to be able to breathe well. If you get a chest seal that doesn't have vents you'll have to be sure to alleviate the pressure build up by peeling back the chest seal. You could also check out the vented chest seals that Hyfin makes; these have special vent channels that allow the pressure to be dissipated, they're a little pricey but could be well worth it if you ever need them.

Medical Gloves- Your trauma kit should come with a pair or two of gloves already included but it's a good idea to keep a few extras on hand. To avoid having them tear you can store them inside a zip lock bag and have them towards the top of your pack so they are ready to go when you need them. Using gloves will protect you from getting any pathogens passed from bodily fluids that might otherwise find their way into open wounds in your hands.

Urban Survival Tools

Folding knife- You should already have your EDC folding knife on you, but I suggest carrying a backup in your T.A.S.K. I personally like both the Ka-Bar Dozier and the Ontario RAT-1. They're both lightweight, take and edge well and will stand up to the abuse taken during an urban survival scenario.

Multi-tool- Having a good multi-tool is invaluable during an urban scenario and could also prove so during a terrorist attack as well. They may not be replacements for a single tool, but they are a great substitute in a pinch and allow you to have several tools handy in one. The Gerber Dime and the Leatherman Squirt are both excellent choices for multi-tools. I personally have both I keep the Dime in my pack and I keep the Squirt as a part of my EDC. The Squirt is especially handy for me since I'm an electrician and I have the ES4 which has wire strippers instead of the needle nose pliers.

Pliers- Some people may not agree with this one since you've already got pliers on your multi-tool. I find that the pliers on most multi-tools just don't stand up to the punishment that they take though. I like to have a set of pliers that will double as a hammer too, now I'm not saying you need to get something huge just a set of dedicated pliers to get the job done. I have a set of needle nose pliers in my kit but I've been wanting to change them out for a set of regular pliers so I can get more leverage on bolts, nuts or anything else. Also something to think about is maybe a small bolt cutter or a good pair of side cutters that will let you cut some heavier metal.

Pencil, Pen, Marker and Paper- This may not be the most important item on the list but it shouldn't be overlooked either, it never hurts to have some writing materials on hand to jot down some notes. They don't need to be anything fancy your simple papermate pen and pencil will do with the usual note pad. If you do want to get a little fancy however I suggest looking into the rite in the rain products like their side spiral notebook and the rite in the rain pen.

Lock pick set- If your state allows it or if you have a license I recommend investing in a good lock pick set. In a situation where you need to gain access to somewhere or something being able to pick locks is a great skill to have. Sites like Sparrows and Southord  both make good sets of picks and rakes.

Gloves- Gloves are an excellent thing to carry in your pack and anyone who's done some hard work knows that having a set of gloves is a must have.  You can get some heavy leather gloves but I personally just carry a pair of high dexterity gloves so that I can still manipulate small things and have my hands protected too. I'm pretty fond of Maxiflex gloves because they give me both of those things (and I get them free at work).

Surviving a Terrorist Attack

Surviving a terrorist attack won't be easy and in some cases it may just be sheer luck. I've personally never been in a scenario like this, but seeing the effects of these attacks over the past few months have made me realize how important it is to be a prepper not only to protect myself and my family, but also my fellow citizens. Surviving a terrorist attack will take not only preparedness, but diligence, determination and the willingness of a nation's people to stop the malevolent virus that terrorism is. Thanks fore reading I hope you enjoyed this article and be sure to check out our blog regularly for more articles coming soon. If you can think of any items that I may have missed feel free to leave them down below in the comment section. Also don't forget to like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and check out the Shop.


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