Surviving Martial Law

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With the hit and miss economy and a huge election in the balance and more problems arriving on American soil some Americans are beginning to make a stand. As soon as this was noticed the term martial law has been thrown around. In this article we will discuss what it actually is and how as United States citizen you should prepare and keep surviving martial law.

Surviving Martial Law

What is Martial Law

In the most basic definition martial law is when all normal rights and powers are handed over to the military to enforce order and cooperation. This can come at times of civil unrest, disasters, and during war. The reason it is so negative is that you basically must forfeit your rights and abide by the demands of the controlling force. You can even watch cartoons and see the negative side of martial law depicted because even there it has a negative connotation and the people are very unhappy with the lack of freedom they then possess. The way most people see it is used merely to let the government take control of all your freedoms and impose their new rules through military force. This can include curfews, search and seizures, and rationing of goods and supplies.

causes for martial law

Causes for Martial Law

The main cause for martial law is during times of disaster such as severe storms or natural disasters where there is a collapse of normal rule of law and there are not enough law enforcement to keep up and maintain order. If you remember news reports of a lot of major storms and flooding the looting and crime sprees rose dramatically. This would be an example where the government would issue martial law to maintain order. While this seems to make sense a lot of Americans see that once they have a reason it may be exploited to gain better control over the people using military force.

The other main cause is a little more difficult to justify in most minds and that is during insurrection or rebellion. This one is viewed most negatively simply because they could consider something as simple as your right to speech may be interpreted as insurrection and military force may be used. This is the worst because it makes you feel as though you cannot say or do anything to correct the government and if martial law is instated you will not have the freedom of speech to use to combat the new rule of law implemented.

keys to surviving martial law

Keys to surviving Martial Law

The first important thing to do is keep quiet and do not draw attention to yourself. Make sure to remember that you may be imprisoned by what you say or do. If you have managed to keep a good stock of supplies do not ever let on that you have any possessions such as these. You do not want to draw any unwanted attention to yourself. If you already have a knack for blending in and not drawing attention to yourself you are going in the right direction. It will be beneficial to have a group of people all working together with you. This is why you should find others who are geared in the same manner as you so you can have allies that are on the same page because this will make it easier for you all to survive and coordinate. Make sure you all can be inconspicuous and understand what is at stake if you are hiding something from the authorities. It is potentially a very dangerous scenario and that’s why it might be best to get out of the detention zone.

This may require you to bug out if you are able to get out with a good plan so you will not be caught. If you can get out of the area all the better because you will have to deal with less questioning and rule if you can escape outside of city or determined limits. This is why you should have a bug out bag ready and some supplies such as extra stored food and water, medical supplies, clothing and ammunition. Some additional items besides the things you will have in your bug out bag are things such as bolt cutters, a torch, lock pick set, padlocks (to keep your own thins secure, several pairs of gloves, and freeze dried food and water in good containers.

The next key to surviving martial law is realizing that most of the information given from the government is false and will be used to propagandize their agenda. Knowing this will give you an edge in terms that you will be one step ahead in the ability to plan around their plans for you. Being able to plan will help you be able to get and keep supplies once they start to ration them as well as give you more freedom if you can figure out how to move around without drawing attention to yourself.

Another main key to surviving martial law is having urban survival skills. Learning and adapting is critical because you will need to learn how to use items in unconventional ways if rationing of items is part of their rule. If you live in a city now you can practice many of the techniques and help make yourself more adept in your day to day life to prepare yourself should martial law be instated in your area.

I hope this outlined what martial law is, what are the main reasons that martial law will come into effect, and the keys to surviving martial law. Most people do not want to be controlled by the government or have any more rights taken away in any form. Just remember to follow the theme of this website and realize preparation is key and getting your mind right and a plan in place. Thanks for reading and check out our store for some key preparedness products and check back for more content.