Target Sports USA Overview

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If you are looking for a company that has one of the best ammunition selections as well as lots of other items for different interests take a look at They are primarily geared to shooting sports but have more options and other gear that are great options for prepping. If you are like me you have looked everywhere for different ammunition just to stockpile and they have an amazing selection of a lot of harder to find ammo and the basics.

In regards to just their ammunition selection they have 22LR and everyone knows that it is hard stuff to get a hold of still at this point even though it doesn’t seem to be as bad as it has been in the recent past. They have quite a few available brands with standard plinking type ammo to match ammo. For you AR shooters you will really be excited with their selection of 5.56/.223 Rem. They have it all from the lighter loads down to 45 grain bullets up to the 77 grain match grade ammo. Besides of the wide selection they also sell big lots and offer free shipping on any ammunition when bought in a case quantity. If you have ever bought a thousand rounds and had to pay for the shipping you know how much that can save you. You really need to check out the Hornady Black ammunition they sell as so far it shoots very well for me through my AR’s and offers a heavier bullet and is consistently loaded. They have a lot in the way of .308/7.62x51 also and some really fantastic prices on the standard type ammo so you can afford to shoot your battle rifle or bolt gun more but of course offer some good options in the way of match ammo as well. In regards to the pistol ammo it is the same as the rifles, lots of selection and good pricing for everything from your standard FMJ ammo to the defensive ammunition. For the long range shooters they do offer 6.5 Creedmoor, .338 Lapua magnum, and .50 BMG ammunition for some great prices which will help out if you want to do some more target practice without going broke.

If you are looking for a good bug out bag option or hiking backpack take a look at their Drago Gear packs. Drago Gear is a good company with good quality that seems to hold up well and has some nicely configured packs and even some smaller EDC type packs which will be good if you are looking a EDC go bag. Like I said the quality and track record of Drago is good and the prices Target Sports USA offers is very competitive if not the best you’ll find around.

In terms of their cutlery section they have the main bigger companies such as Buck, Gerber, KA-BAR, and SOG. They have most of the basic models from these companies in the fixed blade variation and even more options in the folding knives. It is a good selection of knives and when you compare prices they are right in there with what you will find around. In the realm of multi-tools they have primarily the Gerber series of all sizes and variations and Gerber makes a good quality multi-tool that has been field proven by the military for years.

If you are looking for magazines they do offer some good variation in both calibers and models. They have your standard AR polymer magazines and AK magazines as well as more for your hunting rifles and other bolt guns that accept them as well. They also offer pistol magazines as well such as Glock, Sig Sauer, and Smith&Wesson. There are good options that cover the common base as well as some more specialty types of magazines with fair pricing.

Overall Target Sport USA offers great value and selection. If you are looking for ammo and can’t seem to the find the type or the quantities you want check out their site and more than likely you will find what you are after. As you guess inventory changes so make sure they have plenty of what you want before you decide to just wait. Look at some of the other gear items they have because once again their pricing is great. They have great customer service so if you do have an issue they reply promptly and will help get it figured out. Thanks for reading.