The Best EDC Knife for Your Money

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Looking for a good EDC knife can be hard, finding one on a tight budget can be even harder. This article is going to review some of the best EDC knives under $75. I'm going to layout five great folding knives that would work really well as an EDC knife and I'll give you my opinion on which one I think is the best EDC knife for your money in the end. Also be sure to check out our article over knife steels to learn about the different steels that make up knives.

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Kershaw Skyline Review

The Kershaw Skyline could quite possibly be the best EDC knife for your money. It has a slim design allowing it to fit nicely in the pocket with a reversible tip up/ tip down clip. You'll barely know that you're carrying it as the Kershaw Skyline comes weighing in at only 2.5 oz. For a handle Kershaw used some G10 scales on the Skyline with a nice checkering texture that gives your hands some nice grip.The Skyline boasts a 3.1" Sandvik 14C28N blade that comes razor sharp like you would expect out of any Kershaw. Kershaw makes some great flipper knives and the Skyline is no exception to that line of knives and you get some good solid lock up with the liner lock as well. Overall the Kershaw is a great EDC knife for your money; you get a lightweight flipper made of quality steel and handle material for under $50. Check out the video below of a review Tony from did, you'll be able to see the quality of the knife a lot better than I can explain it.

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Ka-Bar Dozier

ka-bar dozier edc knife

Ka-Bar Dozier a lightweight EDC knife for around $20

I know I've already done a review over the Ka-Bar Dozier but it really is a great knife for EDC use. I'll try and keep this one short and just do an overview of it here but you should check out the full review of it. Probably the two most striking features of the Ka-Bar Dozier are the weight and the price. Weighing in at only 2.4 oz this is one of the lightest EDC knives you'll find. The price of the Dozier is another enticing feature, selling on Amazon for only about $20 makes it one of the cheapest and best EDC knives for your money. To go along with the lightness and great price point of the Dozier it also sports a 3" blade made of AUS-8A steel. I only have one complaint on the blade and that's the finish, if I could do it again (and I might) I would get the satin finish vs the black oxide. Mine got pretty beat up fast and there are some pretty nasty marks in the finish but that doesn't effect the performance one bit. The Ka-Bar Dozier is a great knife at a great price.

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Ontario RAT-1

Ontario RAT-1 EDC folding knife

The Ontario RAT-1 EDC folder with satin finish.

The Ontario RAT-1 is a lot like the Ka-Bar Dozier in that they both us AUS-8 steel, but there are some design differences that could make one more preferable over the other. The Ontario Rat-1also has a great price point that's just slightly higher than the Dozier, you should be able to pick one up for around $25. If you like a slightly beefier knife the RAT-1 might be for you it's the heaviest knife on our list coming in at 5 oz. That's not bad considering it also has the longest blade on the list which measures 3.5". Nylon scales are what make up the material of the handle which offer some good grip as well as durability. All in all the Ontario RAT-1 is a good EDC knife that just about anyone can work into their budget.

Spyderco Tenacious

Spyderco Tenacious best edc knife

Spyderco Tenacious a great EDC folding knife

Slightly more affordable than the Kershaw Skyline the Spyderco Tenacious can be purchased for right around $40. The Spyderco Tenacious offers a 8Cr13Mov blade measuring 3.4" coming in at just a hair shorter than the Ontario RAT-1. It weighs in a little on the heavier side of the scale at 4.1 oz but still not too bad. G10 scales with skeletonized steel make up the handle of the Tenacious. The jimping and oversized Spyderco round hole gives you good grip when cutting as well as when deploying. In addition to these features Spyderco also included a 4-way pocket clip on the Tenacious allowing the user to carry tip up/tip down and right or left. With all of these features the Spyderco Tenacious no doubt has to come into play when thinking about the best EDC knife for your money.

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Milwaukee Hardline Review

I was surprised when I saw the new Milwaukee Hardline series of knives, Milwaukee isn't very well known for their knives like they are their tools after all. After I got to examining these though I knew they did a great job. The Hardline series of knives come in 4 different styles a 2.5", 3" smooth drop point as well as a tanto style that's half serrated, and a 3.5" drop point. So you get some options depending one which one you go with you can expect to pay around $60 for the 2.5", $68 for either of the 3" and about $75 for the 3.5". All four are made of D2 steel which is why these have the highest price point out of the rest in the list. D2 steel has great edge retention and corrosion resistance which puts the Hardline series towards the top when looking for the best EDC knife for your money. In addition to some great steel the flipper action on these knives is extremely smooth due to the ball bearings inside. On one side you get some glass filled nylon as a scale and on the other you get a stainless steel scale. I like the nylon scale and I wish they would've carried that over to the other side instead of going with the stainless steel I feel like it would have cut down on a lot of the weight. Not a big deal though the knife is still very manageable weighing in at 4.8 oz. Check out the video review I did below to get a better picture of how great this knife is.

What is The Best EDC Knife for Your Money?

So we come to our conclusion and it's time to answer the question as to what is the best EDC knife for your money. First looking at the steel of the knives I feel like the Kershaw Skyline's 14C28N takes the group it performs well in edge retention, ease of sharpness and corrosion resistance. Now there are some of these knives where the steel performs better in certain categories like for example D2 hands down wins the edge retention category but across the board I feel like the Skyline wins out in the steel category. Comfort when it comes to comfort I look at the weight, carry options and handle. Winning this category I have the Dozier with it's Zytel handle and great texturing give you a great grip on this knife. The weight of this knife makes it barely noticeable and the option of being able to carry it either right or left handed by changing the pocket clip as well as the thumb stud make it very ambidextrous. For price the Dozier again wins this category with the Ontario RAT-1 close behind it.

Overall I really like my Dozier for the price you pay, and the Milwaukee Hardline series is a great flipper with the ball bearings but is a little high in price. In the end I would say that the Kershaw Skyline is perhaps the best EDC knife for your money, with that said however you have to make the decision based on your needs, budget and wants. I hope this article helped be sure to check back in for even more articles coming soon. Thanks for reading and don't forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check out our YouTube channel.