The Best Foods for Preppers: That You Need to Have

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For preppers storing food is always going to be one of our top priorities. Some people however don't know what foods they should store, or have troubles finding a variety of foods that will keep them and their families nourished and happy. This article is going to cover some of what I feel like are the best foods for preppers and I'll provide links to the products as well to make them easy to find.

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Best Foods for Preppers

Water: While water isn't a food item per say, but I believe it is a great item to keep stocked up on. Buy it by the gallons if you can, it won't take long to go through a good stock of water. It's also a pretty good idea to keep some form of water purification handy as well as means of filtering your water. In a scenario where electricity goes out for any length of time water will be scarce soon in an urban environment.

1lb bag of cheese powder

Dairy: While dried dairy products may not taste the greatest, but they have their place. Not only will you be getting a good amount of calcium from these but you can also use them in cooking to break up the monotony of eating the same foods. I recommend getting some whole milk powder it'll last longer than regular milk obviously and it'll store a lot easier too. Cheese is another great option and one that not everyone thinks of, but cheeses can be bought in a powdered form and would be a good addition to meals.

ovaeasy egg crystals

Eggs: If you're like me eggs are a must have! Who doesn't like some good scrambled eggs for breakfast, right? Eggs are a great source of protein and is one of the reasons I chose to list it in the best foods for preppers. Luckily OvaEasy makes some great powdered eggs that have a good shelf life and taste good too. Mix them up with some of your powdered cheese and some canned veggies for a nice omelet or plate of scrambled eggs.

Fruit: Finding fruit is kind of a no brainer here but it's still one of the best foods for preppers. With the vitamin C you'll be getting from fruit you will be able to ward off scurvy. There are a lot of different options of fruit available too whether it's canned or dried so pick up a variety and you'll be good to go.

Veggies: Like fruit you can find an abundance of canned veggies right at your local grocery store. Vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals so make sure you have a good amount on hand. Also like fruit get a variety of vegetables so that you don't have to repeatedly eat the same food over and over again.

freeze dried beef

Meats: While meat may not be the most important food item for preppers it couldn't hurt to have some on hand. You can a lot of canned meats at the grocery store like spam, chicken, ham or fish. If you want some ground beef after shtf however I suggest you take a look at Mountain House's freeze dried ground beef. It is a little pricey coming in at about $45 but just think about it; you could be the only one 30 years after shtf with ground beef. If beef isn't your thing they also sell freeze dried chicken.

Grains: Having grains on hand can be good to have as well, they can be cooked and ate as is or if you have the skills you can grind the grains to make breads. Grains like rice and oats are great choices because they can be used in so many ways and in a variety of dishes.

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MRE's: While maybe not a delicacy for most the MRE is no doubt one of the best foods for preppers. There are loads of menu options available, they're light weight and compact too so they make a great addition to your bug out bag. Some taste good from what I've heard while others, well not so much. In any case MRE's offer plenty of calories with a good shelf life. Amazon offers some military surplus MRE's that I suggest you check out, they come in a box of 12 and has great reviews on Amazon.

freeze dried spaghetti meal

Freeze Dried Meals: Freeze dried meals are probably my favorite option of the ready to eat meals. They offer the same light weight capabilities and shelf life but taste a lot better. The downside in my opinion would have to be the caloric value the freeze dried meals tend to be lacking in that area. If you're interested in some of these though they come in a huge variety of different meals and they can be picked up at a reasonable price. I personally recommend checking out either Mountain House or Backpacker's Pantry both have a huge selection.

That pretty much wraps up my list of the best foods for preppers I hope you enjoyed reading the article, if so feel free to leave some comments down below and let us know if there is anything we missed as well. Don't forget to check out the Shop we carry a lot of the Mountain House meals there and will be looking to add the Backpacker's pantry as well. Thanks for reading and check back soon for even more articles from Preppers Unlimited.