The Best Survival Water Filters

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As Preppers you should know that when you find yourself in a survival situation water is always going to be a huge part of you making it out alive. After all the average person can only go a few days with out water. With the world being about 71% water you would think that it would be no big deal to find water. The problem comes when you're trying to find clean drinking water, that's why I've decided to make this article to showcase the best survival water filters. These are great in a pinch but you should still try and purify the water by boiling or treating it when you can. So let's take a look at the criteria for the best survival water filters.

What Makes the Best Survival Water Filters

When it comes to finding the best survival water filters there is a criteria that I decided to come up with, so that I could see which ones excel in different areas. First I look at what can they do; will they filter out bacteria, protozoa, viruses, chemicals, minerals etc.? Then I like to see what these are going to cost; depending on your budget you may want to opt for a less expensive water filter, just keep in mind that these could potentially save your life so think of it as an investment. I also like to look at portability because I like something that I can carry with me in the field. The last thing that I look at is how many uses I can get out of the filter before I either need to buy a new one or replace the filter in the one I have.

The LifeStaw Survival Water Filter


Great reviews on Amazon and sells for a great price.

First up we have the infamous LifeStraw these have been pretty popular for awhile now and are great for throwing in a pack or bug out bag. I've used this one myself and I know that it works pretty good because I didn't get sick from drinking with it. With that said the LifeStraw comes up a little short in the filtration category as it only filters things up to 0.2 microns. This does the job 99.9% effectively for bacteria and protozoa but when you need to filter things like viruses and chemicals the LifeStraw comes up short. With that said the LifeStraw can be found at a very affordable price for only about $20 on Amazon. I also like the LifeStraw is small and light enough to throw in a pack. It measures about 9 inches long and weighs in at just 2 oz. One of the great things I like about the LifeStraw is the fact that you're able to filter 1000 liters of water this definitely lets you get your moneys worth. LifeStraw also offers a very similar product called the LifeStraw Steel, they added a few nice features to this survival water filter that I think a lot of people would like. For example they added caps to both end of the straw so that you can close it up for storage. It's made of stainless steel hence the name LifeStaw Steel, this makes it even more durable than the original LifeStraw. They've also included a replaceable filter in addition the hollow membrane filter that the original has. This allows the straw to filter out bad tastes, odors, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides which is a nice upgrade from the original. It has the same 1000 liter filter life for the hollow membrane filter and 100 liter filter life for the replaceable carbon filter. The only downside the LifeStraw Steel has compared to the original is that it costs about twice as much.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

sawyer mine water filter

The Sayer Mini Water Filter works great and is super affordable get yours on Amazon here.

The Sawyer Mini is another common survival water filter, it does a great job too so that's probably why. It filters down to 0.1 microns and will filter out bacteria, as well as protozoa. In terms of filtration it is pretty similar to the LifeStraw just a little better though but it is still unable to filter out the viruses. The Sawyer Mini is super affordable running you less than $15. When you start talking about portability I think the Sawyer Mini takes the cake here, it weighs just 2oz and measures just 8 inches. Another thing that's a great bonus with the Sawyer Mini is that it comes with a drinking pouch, cleaning plunger and straw extension. One thing that is just outstanding that this survival water filter brings to the table is the fact that it is capable of filtering 100,000 gallons. That's pretty much a life time. So the Sawyer Mini definitely wins the filter life battle. You're also able to attach the filter to water bottles, the drinking pouch or just use in a stream. This really is a great water filtering straw for the price and comes in a variety of colors which most filtering straws do not.

The Survivor Filter

Survivor Filter

The Survivor Filter filters out down to an impressive 0.05 microns and you can find here on Amazon for about $30

Next up we have the Survivor Filter, this has to be one of the best survival water filters in the straw form out there. Filtering down to 0.05 microns the Survival Filter will filter 400% more than the LifeStraw, which is very impressive considering all the hype that the LifeStraw gets. It will filter everything that the LifeStraw can and more; while I was researching this one I did see where their ultra membrane filter is supposed to catch pollen, algae, viruses, germs, toxins and heavy metals. This is a great survival water filter and its affordable too costing about $30 on Amazon. Its slightly shorter than the LifeStraw as well measuring 7 inches but weighs twice as much at 4 oz. The Survivor Filter uses a three stage filtering process, starting with a mesh pre-filter, then a hollow membrane filter, and finally an activated carbon filter. The carbon and membrane filters on the Survivor Filter are both replaceable and last up to 1000 liters before they to need to be replaced. A cool feature about the Survivor straw is that you're able to screw it on to most standard water bottles, the canteens that they sell and you can use it right in the river or creek. So all in all I would say that the Survivor Filter is one of the best survival water filters that come in a straw form.

The LifeStraw Family 1.0

lifestraw family 1.0

The LifeStraw Family 1.0 is a great long term survival water filter find it here on Amazon.

While this isn't the most portable water filtering system I still wanted to mention it here as it is a really great water filtering system for the price. Removing bacteria, protozoa and viruses up to 0.02 microns the LifeStraw Family 1.0 is great for an urban environment where you're left without clean drinking water and need a way to filter it. It is the most pricey water filter here costing just under $60 on Amazon but it makes up for that considering you can filter enough water for a family of 4 to survive 3 years. That's a great filter life for what you pay and that's the main reason I wanted to throw the LifeStraw Family 1.0 in the mix; in case anybody has a family that they are prepping for. It is gravity fed so that kinda sucks in my opinion but it must work because they claim that over 13 million people use the LifeStraw Family 1.0

Well guys that's going to wrap it up for this article. These are what I've found to be the best survival water filters on the market at an affordable price. I hope this helps you out when you're looking to find one for you or your family. Thanks for reading and remember to drop us a comment down below and email us with any questions or concerns you guys have. Check back soon for even more articles coming soon.