Three Uses For Ammo Boxes

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uses for ammo boxes

If you have been prepping and stockpiling ammunition then you probably have bought a few ammo cans to hold you ammunition. These simply designed boxes can be one of the handiest items to have. Let’s take a look at three different uses for ammo boxes.

Uses for Ammo Boxes: Battery Storage

Ammo boxes make excellent storage containers to store batteries because they are generally good sized and able to keep cool temps (when stored out of the sun) and keep water out. You can fit a lot of batteries inside a typical 30 cal or 50 cal ammo box. It is best to leave the batteries in their original packaging because they tend to fit well in the box and keeps them organized. To aid in the longevity of batteries simply add a few desiccant packets to keep any moisture from starting any corrosion on the batteries. It is definitely one of my best uses for ammo boxes.

uses for ammo boxes
uses for ammo boxes

Uses for Ammo Boxes: Electronics Storage

Now this use is a little more “prepper” specific because it deals with the potential anti-EMP effects that ammo boxes possess. When sealed properly they will act as a fairly effective faraday cage protecting electronics inside. I would recommend some simple two way radios, an emergency radio, any small solar panels or simple electrical components you can use to make other things (i.e. capacitors, transistors, switches). Since it is a sealed metal container it will give some good protection from any electrical pulses that may occur. To make sure get some simple Styrofoam or rubber panels to keep the items away from any contact with the metal of the ammo can. This can be very important because it could give you an edge in communication and creating some type of electrical items in the case of an EMP.

uses for ammo boxes

Uses for Ammo Boxes: Survival Kit

The last, more unconventional idea for uses for ammo boxes is making a survival kit out of one. These boxes are larger than typical smaller homemade kits so they can include larger items and more items. A larger fixed blade knife and multi-tool can be added where small container survival kits can’t accommodate them. Add more medical supplies and flashlight and you have a great kit to take with you on road trips or to keep with you in the vehicle in general. A good quality box will withstand rust and other wear. They are easy to pack and when done competently and with thought you will have enough items for almost any situation.


uses for ammo boxes

Now that you have seen something you might not have thought of before in uses for ammo boxes other than ammunition storage hopefully you realize the utilitarian use these durable containers really possess and you may think of other items that you have that would store nicely in them. Good quality ammo boxes are great and stack well on each other and come in different sizes so they are a good asset to have on hand. Thanks for reading and check back for more content.

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