Times to hunt break down

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For this blog post we are going to jump into the discussion of hunting at different times of the day. This will be broken down simply into the three most common times of hunting:

· Dawn

· Mid-Day/Afternoon

· Dusk/evening

Dawn is the most common time of day for most deer hunters because deer tend to move around during the night and are generally heading for the shelter of trees or more covered areas during the day. The vast majority of animals are moving in the early light to a den or a sheltered area so it is a good time to catch them out and about especially if you find a game trail through a wooded area setting up a choke point here will likely lead to success at finding game.

Next we move onto mid-day and into the afternoon. Most animals, predators and prey alike, will keep movement to a minimum during these hours. I would suggest using this time to discover game trails while the lighting is at its best and prepare a spot to wait for the evening or dawn when the trails are most heavily used. Some smaller game such as rabbits and squirrels and some upland birds tend to use these times for feeding and looking for water sources.

Finally we come to last part of the day for usable light, dusk/evening. This is a great time to see a lot of animal movement. Most times within forty-five minutes of the sun going down animals become very active. Prey and predators alike begin to move and come out of shelter. Positioning yourself in view of tree lines with easy paths leading out is best to ambush game. Another anecdotal point to note is during the summer in taller grass areas coyotes will use deer trails to make cutting across the countryside easier so if you are predator hunting keep your eyes open for deer trails as well.

Thanks for reading and keep checking back for new information and comment if you have any helpful tips for hunters or want to know anything specific we might be able to clarify for you.

Garrett W.