Top 5 Best Survival Books

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Nothing can replace the importance of a good book on your shelf. Having the internet these days is great sure, and being able to get information from YouTube videos and blogs like this one are also great sources of survival info. What if you find yourself in a grid down scenario though where you're left without the power or the internet? Having a good survival book to refer back to could be what gets you by. Let's take a look at what I consider to be the top 5 best survival books. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order as they are all to close for me to narrow down any further.

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How to Stay Alive in the Woods- Bradford Angier

how to stay alive in the woods best survival books

Found on Amazon for around $15

Bradford did a great job making this book. Even at a glance you can see that this book was made with a survivalist in mind. It has kind of a rough rubber grip to the cover which I thought was pretty neat. The book covers a wide range of wilderness survival content which is why I put it in my top 5 for best survival books. Chapters include sustenance, warmth, orientation and safety. Bradford breaks down several methods for catching wild game in various traps and snares. One thing I kept finding myself referring back to was the edible vegetation guide. All in all I would say this is a great book for anyone who is looking for some knowledge on wilderness survival.

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The Ultimate Survival Manual: 333 Skills That Will Get You Out Alive- Rich Johnson & Outdoor Life

ultimate survival manual best survival books

Find the hard cover version and paperback on Amazon for $15-$25

This book is pretty amazing I must say and Rich and the Outdoor Life team did a great job on it. The book covers everything from the essentials to wilderness, disaster and urban survival. I especially liked this book because of the disaster and urban survival chapters I found that there was a lot of good content in these chapters that I hadn't found elsewhere. Another great thing they did with this book is it's super easy to read all the content is laid out very nicely with pictures, tables, diagrams and step by step instructions. I think these factors are what lead to me to including this one in my top 5 survival books. Some things the book covers include how to make a solar still, building a snow cave, make a DIY alarm and many more great articles.

FM-21-76: US Army Survival Manual- Headquarters, Department of the Army

us army survival manual best survival books

Get it now for $16

If you're looking for straight forward information this is a great read for then. The US Survival Manual is loaded with great information that I always find myself needing. The book covers a wide range of wilderness survival knowledge. They did a great job at describing and illustrating the topics some of which include: The will to survive, survival medicine, shelter, firebuilding and much more. I also like the four appendixes the book has and its a big reason I put this book in my top 5 survival books. There is one for poisonous snakes, reading clouds, edible plants and poisonous plants. Each of the appendixes have great illustrations that show you exactly what to look for.

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Bushcraft 101 and Advanced Bushcraft- Dave Canterbury

bushcraft 101 best survival books

Found this one on Amazon for $10

Canterbury does a great job in both of these books covering a good range of wilderness survival topics. In Bushcraft 101 he discusses the 5 C's (Cutting, container, cordage, cover and combustion) he also goes on to talk about topics related to selecting tools and gear, setting up a camp and harvesting food.

advanced bushcraft best survival books

The Advanced version is also around $10

In the Advanced Bushcraft book he goes more in depth and talks about things such as preserving food, trapping, advanced firecraft, wooden tools and machines and much more. Overall I'm impressed with both of these pieces by Dave and I trust his knowledge and experience and that is why its in my top 5 best survival books and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.

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Wildwood Wisdom- Ellsworth Jaeger

wildwood wisdom top 5 survival books

You can find this in paperback or hardcover for around $10 on Amazon

Another great wilderness survival book Wildwood Wisdom has stood the test of time with it's first printing in 1945. As with Canterbury's book Wildwood Wisdom talks about different packs and how you should pack them. You'll also gain info on tracking, outdoor cooking, navigation, building canoes and a lot more. This book is well put together with great information and includes lots of illustrations that are easy to follow. The book has great Amazon reviews and would be a great choice for someone looking for a survival book.

These are all great books and I recommend that you at least check them all out and see if they would be for you. Having a good survival book to fall back onto in a time of need can be a huge game changer so keep your book shelf stocked. Let us know what some of your favorite survival books are by leaving them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out more posts coming soon.

-Brady S.

  • dc

    I have found that all of Bradford Angiers books are good. Some other books I would recommend are the books by Nessmuk and Kephart. They have a lot of oldtimers wisdom that can still be used today.
    As far as new people there are the books by Creek Stewart that are good reading.

    • Yeah I like Bradford’s work too. I’ll have to check out Nessmuk and Kephart I don’t have any of their books yet. Thanks for the comment.